3 Tips for Creating a Festive Holiday Greeting With Video

3 Tips for Creating a Festive Holiday Greeting With Video
November 27, 2012

With the holiday season right around the corner, finding a fun and festive way to wish clients a happy holiday is on everyone’s to-do list. But with so many cards and emails sent each holiday season, it can be a challenge to craft a unique greeting that will stand out from the masses.

Never fear, on-demand video for holiday greetings is here!

Video is a great medium for holiday greetings because it’s dynamic, entertaining, and – with the right tools – creation is a breeze!  Using PowePoint and a little holiday creativity, anyone can make a personalized video greeting that is sure to bring a smile to your clients’ faces – without breaking the bank.  

Here are three simple tips for creating video greetings that burst with holiday cheer.

#1. Utilize PowerPoint Picture Tools and Animation Effects

Designing eye-catching PowerPoint slides doesn’t have to be a burden, and if you utilize all the tools at your disposal, you will be amazed by how simple it can really be. First, get familiar with the PowerPoint Picture Tools feature, an incredibly useful tool for bringing a cohesive look to photos and images from a variety of sources.

Next, tap into the suite of PowerPoint animations to add a dynamic element to your slides (or check out some of these cool animation templates).  Be sure to use a set of complimentary animations that contribute to – rather  than distract from –your greeting. Since it’s the holidays, try something fun, like creating a “falling snow” effect using custom motion paths like the one featured in the presentation below.

#2. Include a Holiday Jingle and Brief Video Clip

It’s a good idea to incorporate subtle, yet festive background audio to compliment your slide graphics (just be sure not to violate any copyright laws!).

You might also consider including a brief  video clip of your team to add an even more personal touch to your greeting.  This could be as informal as popping in to offices and conference rooms to film an impromptu holiday hello from various team members, or you could film the entire staff wishing happy holidays in unison.  A short clip is all you need, and you can film it with any video camera – or smartphone!

#3. Spread the Holiday Cheer

Once your greeting is complete, it’s time to share it with the world! There are a number of different ways to share Brainshark videos. For example, you could include a clickable thumbnail image to your greeting in an email message, or publish it on your company’s YouTube channel. Holiday greetings are also perfect for sharing on your company’s social media channels where they can reach an even broader audience.

With these tips in mind, check out the presentation below for ready-to-use seasonal PowerPoint templates, and see how online video can help bring your holiday greetings to life!

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