5 Reasons Marketers can be Thankful for Online Video

5 Reasons Marketers can be Thankful for Online Video
November 19, 2012

reasons-to-be-thankful-online-videoIt’s Thanksgiving week, and that means it’s time to sit back, reflect, and express some serious gratitude. But if you were to create a list of things to be thankful for this year, would anything about your job make the cut? (Besides the fact that you have one, of course!)

For marketers, there’s a lot to be thankful for this year, particularly the continued rise of online video as a valuable and cost-effective content marketing tool. OK, so obviously I work at Brainshark, but there are so many ways it makes my job and our clients’ jobs easier too. Here are just five reasons why marketers should consider putting Brainshark video on their gratitude list.    

#1. It practically makes itself.

I know that when some people hear the word video, they still think of long lead times and lots of production money. But that’s just not the case anymore. With tools like Brainshark, marketers can leverage the content they already have and create professional, voice-enriched presentations in a flash. All you have to do is upload that vibrant PowerPoint with a click of a button, add your audio, and presto-chango, you’ve got video!

#2. You can be a voice-over star.

Morgan Freeman, John Krasinski, and Willem Dafoe, just to name a few, have all done voice-over work for commercials recently. You can easily be a part of that trend as Brainshark’s online video presentations provide an easy way to add your voice narration to those awesome slides you just uploaded. All you need is a phone or computer microphone and you too could be the next James Earl Jones.

#3. Video extends the reach of your most powerful presentations.

In-person PowerPoint presentations can be great, but no matter how many meetings you schedule, there will always be more potential prospects out there waiting to hear your message. By taking that PowerPoint slide deck and turning it into on-demand video or even a series of videos, you can reach more people and give your audience the ability to soak in your information when and where it’s convenient for them. Not to mention you can track things like viewer retention, or even who is watching and how many times.

#4. No lost sleep to last second edits.

Here’s a scenario that might sound familiar. You are asked to make a change to a piece of collateral that was deemed final and has already been printed about a thousand times. Another great thing about creating your own Brainshark online video is that when you make a change to your presentation, it’s automatically updated everywhere. How is this possible? It’s in the (all powerful) cloud. So while the original video link will stay the same, the next time anyone clicks on it they’ll see the updated version. Pretty cool and you didn’t have to sacrifice a forest.   

#5. You can be a work hero.

Let’s face it; nothing speaks louder than actual results. Sure, creating online video is easy, fun, and even environmentally sound – but does it work? You bet your bottom dollar. Clients have long realized the power of online video when it comes to their marketing communications. For instance, by using Brainshark in their marketing campaigns, the team at Concur was able to quadruple their sales and cut their sales cycle time by a third. Imagine if you could return those same results at your own company? Let the hero worship begin.

Having a job is definitely something to be thankful for. Having job security, now that’s priceless.

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