SlideShark Now Supports Hyperlinks and an Expanded List of Cloud Storage Providers

November 13, 2012 | David Klein
SlideShark Now Supports Hyperlinks and an Expanded List of Cloud Storage Providers

It’s always fascinating to hear how the SlideShark community delivers their presentations, and learns about the tools required to make those presentations successful. 

Internal and External Links

In Sales situations, there are those who insert links within the presentation to jump to other topics later in the deck – all based on where the conversation is going, in real time -- like the old “choose your own adventure books.”  Others include links to useful websites or YouTube videos, supplementing their PowerPoint story with outside resources.  With the latest version of SlideShark (2.2), available today, you can add both of those kinds of links.  Internal and external links created within PowerPoint are now supported by SlideShark. 

To use this feature you first need to have version 2.2 on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. Then simply create your PowerPoint presentation and include links as you normally would and upload them into SlideShark.  To activate a link while presenting, tap on it and SlideShark will respond appropriately.  If you have existing presentations in SlideShark that contain hyperlinks, just delete the local version (delete>device only) and then tap download to obtain a link-ready version.

Websites linked from within a presentation will open in a new window, while providing easy navigation to go back to your presentation.  If you are projecting, the website will open directly in Safari. In addition, you can include an email link in your presentation which will start a new message using your email client. 


Keep in mind that your iOS devices don’t have the same concept of a “hard drive” as your computer.  So you can’t reference local documents with these links.  External links must be URLs on the web – but you could always reference a document form a cloud storage provider.  Which brings us to…

More Cloud Providers: Google and Syncplicity

In our last release, SlideShark 2.1, we introduced the ability to import presentations from cloud storage providers to your SlideShark account.  We started with Box and Dropbox.  With this latest release, we’ve expanded that list to include Google Drive and Syncplicity by EMC.  As with the other providers, you simply link the two cloud accounts together, tap the files you want to import, and you can view and show presentations properly and reliably on your iOS devices.  You only have to link the accounts once, and it will be reflected on all your iOS devices.  We’ve also enabled some additional security support for Team Edition users with Syncplicity by EMC.  SlideShark supports their “remote-wipe” security policy, ensuring that if a user is deleted in Syncplicity, or if their device has been lost or stolen, the administrator can remove content imported from Syncplicity with one click.


I need it now…I need it “yesterday”

We know that time is precious, and waiting for content to download shouldn’t be like watching paint dry.  So we’ve improved the download speed significantly –you’ll see content being downloaded to your mobile device at speeds up to 5 times faster. 

Every day, we get feedback from folks telling us how much they love SlideShark, and they explain how they use SlideShark in the real world – and these stories inspire us as we continue to innovate the App. It is gratifying to know that when we add features to SlideShark, we are directly impacting SlideShark users’ productivity and even their happiness!

We hope that you enjoy this latest version of SlideShark.  If you haven’t had a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly.  They’re always ready to help.

As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!


Senior Product Director


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