What Do People REALLY Remember from Your PowerPoint Presentations?

November 01, 2012 | Irwin Hipsman
What Do People REALLY Remember from Your PowerPoint Presentations?

what-people-remember-powerpoint-presentationsOver the past few years, Carmen Taran, co-founder of San Francisco-based RexiMedia, has presented at several Brainshark-sponsored in-person events and online webinars. Her evaluation scores are off the charts and if you attended one of Carmen’s talks, you found her presentation style to be engaging and the content actionable.

Carmen has a PhD in psychology and blends the science of what we perceive, with the emotion of how we perceive visual information. At the many Brainshark User Group meetings we participate in, I often feel like I am channeling Carmen when discussing presentation best practices.

We know that the thousands of people who create Brainshark online presentations every month have one thing in common: they want to make their PowerPoint slides memorable. Unfortunately, there is little research that speaks to what we can do when designing slides to help our audience better remember them. To that end, Brainshark is excited to be working with Carmen on her next project, a scientific study asking the question, how many slides do people really remember from your PowerPoint presentations?

Right now, she needs 300 responses to complete her goal, and we have a self-serving reason to help her get over the top. Carmen will present her findings for the first time, on a soon-to-be-scheduled Brainshark-sponsored webinar.  If you participate in the study, we will be sure to invite you!

Your participation only takes about 5 minutes, and you can start right now:

Join the Study!

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