Announcing the October iPad Winner

Announcing the October iPad Winner
October 31, 2012

This Halloween, it’s all treats, no tricks here at Brainshark as we announce the winner of a new iPad from our Octoberblog contest! Without further ado, we would like to congratulate Jessica Truman, Marketing Manager at Avnet Technology Solutions, as the winner of the October drawing!October Blog Contest Winner

Jessica’s post, featured below, highlights Avnet’s use of Brainshark for content marketing, and includes three excellent example presentations. This post was one of many fantastic submissions which we will be posting over the coming months. As always, we will also be drawing a few more names from the hat to receive Brainshark goodie bags, AND the good news is, we have two more iPad drawings between now and the end of the year! Thanks to all the participants in this month’s contest, and make sure to enter the November blog contest by submitting your Brainshark story.

How Avnet Technology Solutions Uses Brainshark for Content Marketing

Avnet Technology Solutions is a global solutions distributor dedicated to accelerating the success of our channel partners.  We offer technology and business support services and solutions, providing partners with cost-effective solutions to their customers’ business pains. From logistics to identifying and seizing high-growth opportunities in key markets and technologies, Avnet helps accelerate our partners’ success.

In marketing, we are always looking for ways to improve our content strategy. We are also constantly looking for creative ways to promote our webinar and in-person events. In recent months, we started to think about our content and ways we can get it out to our customers in a more digestible way.

Because attention spans are getting shorter, and more content is viewed on mobile devices than even before, we wanted to create a Brainshark that was less than a minute and had strong graphics that were viewable on mobile devices.  Also, I wanted them to be easy to produce, so we could crank out a lot of content without expending too much time.

The series we developed is called “Four Your Information” and features four slides on a particular topic that is relevant to our business and current go-to-market strategy. We developed a PowerPoint template and animations that we could use repeatedly.

In our past Brainshark productions, voiceovers were always a challenge. Writing a script took time, and finding a presenter that sounded confident and professional on a recording was difficult. So, we decided to take that factor out and create the videos with just background music and no voiceover. This saved us a lot of time, created a video that was unique, and I think, makes the videos more engaging.

Here are some examples from the series:

At the end of the videos, we direct them to an appropriate landing page, whether that’s a webinar registration page, an in-person registration page, one of our websites, etc. And being Brainshark, we can of course track who is viewing and collect information from our viewers.

After sharing the videos around internally, they’ve gotten great feedback. We’ve just started to promote these videos externally, but we are hopeful they will get good results. 

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