5 Cool YouTube Channel Ideas for Video Marketing

5 Cool YouTube Channel Ideas for Video Marketing
October 2, 2012

Company YouTube channels provide a great way for organizations to draw more eyes to their video marketing content.


YouTube channels allow you to house and organize all of your videos in one place, where you can highlight your most valuable content and encourage more views and clicks. They are also incredibly easy to put together, and a recommendation for any business that’s serious about video marketing. (You can check out the Brainshark YouTube channel here.)

Of course, what you get out of your channel often depends on how much you put into it. With that in mind, here are five cool YouTube channel ideas from around the web to consider when putting together your page.

#1. Add a subscription widget to your website. While viewers can always subscribe to your channel from YouTube itself, you can also try to encourage subscriptions directly from your corporate website or blog as well.

In a conversation with Reel SEO, author Greg Jarboe says that companies might want to consider adding a YouTube subscription widget (example below) to make it easier for more people to subscribe to their channel. “The reason subscriptions are important will be obvious to anybody who’s got a publishing background selling content; or is trained to monetize content,” Greg explains. "Selling content on a one-off basis is always an expensive proposition; but with YouTube you've got an audience who'll say, ‘I want to get this regularly.’”

#2. Get social in the description field. This area appears on your main channel page to the right of your featured video, and as Casey Zemen explains for Social Media Examiner, it’s “prime channel real estate.” While this is a great place to provide additional info and links for your company, you can also encourage more social interaction by including links to all of your social media pages – complete with icons for each page. (This short video demonstrates some easy ways to do this.)

#3. Get your brand on in the background. Your channel may live on YouTube, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to make it look like a branded company page. The most obvious way to do this is to add your brand logo at the top. But as Liz Jostes writes for Eli Rose Social Media, you can also edit your channel background with images and colors that better represent your business (easily done from the Edit Channel -> Appearance option).
For examples of what a well-branded YouTube channel looks like, check out the Grantland Network channel, the YouTube page for the popular sports and pop culture website. They’ve done a great job here of branding their background with lots of images and clickable buttons for additional resources.
#4. Create relevant playlists. Some YouTube channels present all of a brand’s videos in one big cluttered (yet “browseable”) mess. By creating playlists and organizing your content into more granular topics and interests, you’ll make your channel easier to navigate for viewers. Plus, as John Haydon writes for Razoo, you’ll be able to better highlight your best content on your channel homepage, which can lead to more views of your most important videos.
#5. Put thought into your featured video. As Benoit de Boursetty writes on the YouTube Partners & Creators Blog, “your featured video is still your best asset for giving viewers a taste of your channel.”
There are lots of different strategies for choosing a featured video. Some marketers opt for a generic “About Us” type of clip that introduces visitors to the company and its products, while others simply use their most current content. Featured videos can also include embedded calls to action via YouTube annotations or branded overlays, directing viewers to additional channel content or back to the company website. And still there are other times when a humorous clip or compelling thought leadership piece makes the most sense. Whatever you choose, it’s important to make sure that your featured videos align best with your goals for the channel.
These are just a few YouTube channel ideas that can help make your page more engaging and effective. Have other cool tips for putting together a top-notch channel?