Introducing: The Brainshark Customer Resource Center

Introducing: The Brainshark Customer Resource Center
October 16, 2012

The best way for Brainshark’s enterprise customers to get the most out of their Brainshark investment is to increase awareness and access among employees.    However, like many of the best-laid plans, finding the time and resources to make that happen is often a challenge.  That’s why we developed the Brainshark Customer Resource Center (CRC), available at no additional charge to every Brainshark enterprise client.

The CRC is a one-stop shop to learn about Brainshark.  It can live anywhere your employees are most likely to find it:  part of an internal portal or intranet consistent with your branding and navigation, or as a separate page that can be accessed via hyperlink.  It includes all kinds of helpful information about using Brainshark:

  • An introductory presentation about Brainshark’s use at your  organization

  • Sample Brainshark presentations – also from your organization – to demonstrate its use

  • Helpful documentation such as reference or guideline materials

  • Detailed information about the process of becoming a Brainshark author at your company, including contact information or a registration form.

All of this information is controlled by your Brainshark site administrator and requires minimal effort.

Brainshark Customer Resource Center

There will also be easy access to Brainshark support and marketing resources, such as upcoming informational webinars and other events, sample content from other customers, a link to Brainshark’s Help and Training website, and a live feed from the Brainshark Ideas Blog.  New users can also view a “What is Brainshark” presentation for an initial introduction to the platform.

We’re excited about the CRC, and we encourage all of our customers to take advantage of it!  If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact your Account Manager or email us for more information about activating the CRC. In addition, please share your thoughts and feedback using the comments section below!

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