How Can I Share a myBrainshark Presentation?

How Can I Share a myBrainshark Presentation?
October 26, 2012

Once you have created a compelling presentation, the next step is identifying the most optimal method of sharing that content.  Fortunately,  myBrainshark offers a variety of sharing options:.

With the FREE version of myBrainshark, you have access to 5 sharing methods:

sharing options

  • myBrainshark Landing Page URL - The most popular method for sharing your presentation is by distributing it’s ‘Current Address’ link to your audience. Find this link on your “Edit Presentation” page. When clicked, this link will take your viewers to a myBrainshark page containing your video presentation. This landing page is even prepopulated with sharing, rating, commenting, and “more by this author” options for your viewers to explore.

  • Embed myBrainshark on your own site – Want to embed your myBrainshark presentation in your own site? Find the “Embed” option in the “Edit Presentation” page. Then just select a player size, and copy and insert the supplied code into your own webpage or blog. Now  visitors to your website can view your presentations without leaving your site.

  • QR code – Ready for some offline sharing? Each myBrainshark presentation generates a unique QR code which can be accessed from the same “Embed” area. Copy and paste this unique QR identifier image onto print and offline media for your audience to access via smartphones and tablets.

  • YouTube - Publish your myBrainshark presentations to a YouTube channel in just a few clicks. Learn more about publishing to YouTube

  • Email and social media – myBrainshark also offers an easy interface for sharing via social media or email. Your myBrainshark distributed post or email automatically includes a hyperlinked thumbnail for your convenience!

You’ve put ample energy into crafting your content. Don’t let your efforts go unnoticed – with the multitude of myBrainshark options, you can share in the right ways for the best results. For detailed step-by-step instructions, check out our “Help & Training” Section!

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