SlideShark Goes Global

October 10, 2012 |
SlideShark Goes Global

Don’t look now – SlideShark has made its way into foreign waters.

SlideShark Goes Global

With hundreds of thousands of users in less than a year, it’s no secret that SlideShark is a popular app for business professionals and casual PowerPoint users alike.  And now, with support for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, even more people can take advantage of the ability to view and share PowerPoint – anytime, anywhere.

And we mean ANYWHERE.

It seems that with each passing day, mobile users from all corners of the globe are hopping on the SlideShark bandwagon.  From Canada to China, Australia to Saudi Arabia (and countless places in between), SlideShark has fans in over 140 countries.

Here are just a few examples of how SlideShark has gone international:

United Kingdom

Manchester-based visual communications company BrightCarbon has helped promote SlideShark as an excellent tool for mobile sales reps, noting that no one leaves home without their smartphones these days.

“You’re on your way to an important sales meeting, when you [realize] you’ve left your laptop bag at home,” writes Karl Parry on the BrightCarbon blog page. “Normally you’d be struggling to present in this situation, but with SlideShark’s latest app, as long as you’ve got your trusty iPhone – you‘ll be able to present and win the deal!”


Back in August, Felipe Marino of Mexico City’s REFORMA newspaper wrote about how SlideShark helps remove the hassle of carrying laptops around from meeting to meeting.

“The days are over that you have to carry more than five kilos between a laptop, huge projector and numerous cables,” he wrote, noting that an iPad with AppleTV weighs only 900 grams (or less than two pounds).

The article also quotes VMware’s Chuck Dietrick, who notes that “the use of tablets in a presentation is more natural and personal to share an idea, while a laptop sells them something.” No wonder tablets are quickly becoming the preferred device for mobile salespeople.


Others from Western Europe are also getting in on the SlideShark action. This video clip from Spain’s recently popped up on YouTube, providing an in-depth demo for Spanish-speaking audiences.


Information Week recently saw an opportunity to reach its Brazilian audience by translating its article on SlideShark Team Edition to Portuguese. (And for the bilingually-challenged, you can check out the English version by Tom Dunlap here.)

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