Grab Your Files from Box & Dropbox - Then Walk the Room with Your SlideShark Remote

October 09, 2012 | David Klein
Grab Your Files from Box & Dropbox - Then Walk the Room with Your SlideShark Remote

Version 2.1 of SlideShark hit the iTunes AppStore this weekend giving you more efficient access to your files, and a great way to present to a crowd.

Box and Dropbox Integrations

The mobile professional relies on a few things to make their day successful: one, that their devices are all charged up; and two, that their files are up-to-date and ready to be accessed.  The cloud has turned the second requirement into an effortless standard.  Apps like Box and Dropbox provide cloud storage to their users, enabling them with a central management of files accessible anywhere from any device.  SlideShark now gives you access to your presentations located in your Box and Dropbox accounts – right from within the SlideShark app on your iPad, iPhone and/or iPod touch.  By simply selecting your file in Box, for example, SlideShark will import it directly over to your SlideShark account.  No need to download the file from Box to your iPad and then send it back over to SlideShark, as this is all done cloud-to-cloud – minimizing your data transfer obligations.

Accessing your cloud storage accounts starts with you linking your SlideShark account to a provider.  A few quick steps of logging into the provider and validating SlideShark as a trusted source, and you’re on your way.  This only needs to be done once per provider.  From here, you will see all of your folders and PowerPoint files as you have set them up in that account.  You can also do a quick search within that account for a presentation.  Tap the file that you want to import, and a few seconds later you will see it appear in your SlideShark catalog.



Want a quick look at how this works? Take a look at this video tutorial on using cloud storage accounts with SlideShark.

If you use SlideShark Team Edition and your company has standardized with one cloud provider, or does not allow access to any cloud provider, our Support team can adjust your Team Edition account to determine exactly what is displayed behind that cloud icon.

iPhone Remote Control

We’ve made it even easier (and dare I say fun) to present your content with an iPhone/iPod touch remote control for your SlideShark iPad app.  Now you can plug your iPad into a projector and walk away, while still controlling the slide show from your iPhone or iPod touch.  The SlideShark iPhone app now contains access to a remote control that, once securely paired with the SlideShark iPad app, gives you the ability to navigate forward, backward or skip to specific slides. 

The remote is primarily controlled via Bluetooth, so make sure both your devices have that turned on (accessible via the device Settings.)  Next, turn on the SlideShark remote receiver on your iPad app by tapping the remote icon.  You’ll see that the switch is now turned on and you are given a PIN.  This 4-digit number will be used in the next step.  Go to the iPhone or iPod touch that you want to use as a remote and tap the same remote icon.  Select the device that you’ve chosen to be the receiver.  It will then prompt you for that PIN I just mentioned.  You only need to enter this PIN once with this device.  Once you’ve entered it, the remote is alive!  Go back to your iPad and tap play on the presentation you want to show.  Use your remote to navigate through the deck.  Simple.  The arrows on the remote will tell you what to do – which are the same swipe motions as when you view or present directly from SlideShark or when you’re browsing a photo album.  Your iPhone will even give you a little bzzz vibration in response to the action.


How far can you go from your iPad? Honestly, try it out.  Bluetooth claims to have a 30 foot radius, but my tests had me controlling slides three times that distance through walls.  It will vary per environment.  But if Bluetooth loses connectivity, your iPhone will vibrate twice to let you know.  You’ll just need to re-pair your devices and you’re back on track.

Want to see the remote in action? Here’s a video tutorial on this process.

We’re excited to once again be able to satisfy the needs of our community, as these new features were two of the most requested items.

We hope that you enjoy this latest version of SlideShark.  If you haven’t had a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly.  They’re always ready to help.

As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!


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