Business Productivity Through Apps

Business Productivity Through Apps
September 4, 2012

In some ways, business productivity means something completely different than it did even five years ago. In today's business climate, "productivity" means being several places at once, being able to work from any location in the world and staying connected to business resources on a 24/7 basis. On the other hand, at least on a philosophical level, business productivity solutions involve anything that makes business life easier. We live in a world of “cloud this” and “cloud that” when what we really need are apps that help make us do better work. Let’s take a look at some business productivity apps that help you do just that.

1. LogMeIn – Built specifically for iOS-powered devices, the LogMeIn app gives you the ability to be several places at once. In a nutshell, the app lets you remotely login, use and access multiple computers from your iPhone or iPad. The cool thing is that it’s compatible with both Mac and PC computers, and lets you setup desktops and laptops with the remote access service.

2. EasySign – Gone are the days when you would need to print off multiple documents just to provide your signature. Whether you’re on the road, on vacation or simply lounging around at home, you can easily sign just about any type of document from your smart phone with this document-signing app. You can upload any type of document (HTML, PDF, .DOC, Text/RTF, JPEF, GIF, etc), and have up to three people sign the same document. You can do this all from your smart phone's touchscreen, saving both time and paper.

3. TripIt – For the travelling businessperson, TripIt is a match made in heaven. Book flights, multiple hotel reservations, car rentals and more all from this handy smart phone app. Available on both iOS and Android, the basic app is free, but if you want additional services like Frequent Flyer Miles, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version, which costs $49.99.

4. Expensify – The idea behind Expensify is simple and does exactly what you’d think the app does: keeps track of expenses. The app works as a great companion to the website. From your iPhone or Android you can enter and manage expenses in real time, and they’ll automatically upload to the website. This means you can access detailed expense reports from both the office and the road.

5. Roambi – Presentation apps are a dime a dozen. They all promise better, more efficient presentation solutions, but few deliver on this promise like Roambi. The app generates colorful, and powerful multi-colored graphs, charts and graphics to really make your business presentations shine. The free version of the app comes equipped with Microsoft Excel integration. But if you need enterprise level support with platforms like SAP Business Object, or IBM Cognos you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version.

6. For Feature Phones  Feature phones aren't as popular as they were in the pre-iPhone era, but they're gaining a bit of traction as more and more consumers grow tired of expensive data packages that still make you closely monitor your time. Feature phones often run on the Brew MP OS that allows them to access apps like Twitter, Facebook and even email and Google. Businesspeople with feature phones can still keep in touch on the road with a semi-smart feature phone.


Business productivity apps are everywhere, and everyone seems to have strong opinions about what helps your business function better. The truth is, no two businesses are alike. An app that work wonders for one business may completely slow down efficiency at another organization. Bottom line: test out these apps, and find what works best for you.