Cloud-Based Video Editing

Cloud-Based Video Editing
September 11, 2012

Currently, 20% of Brainshark presentations created by customers include some type of video, and we expect this will continue to grow in the coming months. Typically, a video needs to be edited before it can be shown, and there are many video editing software packages available for both the beginner, and the advanced video producer. In August, Brainshark’s webinar 5-Tips for Simple In-House Video Creation touched on video editing. Click here to view Tip 5 on video editing and suggested software

Another option for video editing is the growing number of cloud-based online editing services which let you edit from any computer that has internet access. Your content is stored in the cloud, not on your computer, so you do not have to worry about losing your files. Also, video files can get very large, very quickly, and having them available online makes them easy to share.

As a follow-up to the Screen Capture tools research we wrote about in August, we looked into half a dozen cloud-based online editing tools, and also one video editing service. In general, these tools enable you to upload various video formats, edit and combine them with other video clips, and add music, titles and watermarks.  Even though the screen capture tools typically offer some basic editing, you can edit a screen capture video with cloud-based editing tools also. This will enable you to more easily combine video clips and take advantage of advanced editing capabilities.

Once edited, you can export the file from the video editing tool to save it to your computer, and you can then access it to import it into Brainshark. We would suggest experimenting with the preserve original width and height of video box for best results. See our Video Best Practices document for details.

Based on our research, we have narrowed down the field to recommend Pixorial and WeVideo. Both services provide:

  • Logging in from Google and Facebook

  • Integration with Google Drive

  • A minimum of 1GB of memory

  • Hundreds of royalty free music selections

  • Creating .mp4 files that can be imported and are framed very nicely with black bars at the top and bottom in the Brainshark player. (Preserve original width and height has no impact on the way the video displays in the Brainshark player).

Cloud-Based Video Editing

Cloud-Based Video Editing

Pixorial was the first of the online editing tools, and we wrote about them in 2010. I would put them in the bucket of consumer- friendly editors. They have come a long way and have an intuitive user interface- we liked that!

  • Videos can be downloaded for use in Brainshark using their Basic free plan which includes the easy-to-use Basic Editor. For more advanced editing capabilities and to add music, photos, transitions and text you can also use Movie Creator in both the Basic and Premium plans. You decide which editor is right for the project.

  • Videos can be captured on mobile devices via apps for iPhone or Android.  Easily rotate videos before posting, and with their iPhone app you can have some fun with 12, real-time adjustable filters to create cinematic videos.

Cloud-Based Video EditingCloud-Based Video Editing

The free Basic plan is feature-rich, includes downloaded videos at 720p resolution, and is a great starter plan. Their upgrade path is the least expensive of those we researched with Premium starting at $1.99/ month or $19.99/year. 

Cloud-Based Video Editing

WeVideo is the new kid on the block. With its roots in Norway, the service was formally launched in 2012. They see the massive appetite for online video, and knowing that the majority of online videos are unedited, their goal is to redefine video editing for individuals, businesses, and professional videographers. I would put them in the bucket as an intermediate-advanced editing tool, geared to those already comfortable with editing video. Their complete toolset includes:

  • Collaboration. A team can work on an editing project independent of each other. Based on permissions, members can either annotate or edit the presentation- this is huge.

  • 3- tracks of audio and video effects

Cloud-Based Video Editing

WeVideo Free does not allow for downloading of video files, therefore we would suggest Brainshark authors start with WeVideo Plus at $6.99/month or $69.99/year which includes the ability to download, as well as additional capabilities and functionality. WeVideo Plus downloads at 480p resolution. For 780p resolution, you can upgrade to WeVideo Ultra.

The bottom line

Similar to our 2-tier recommendation of Screen Capture tools, we would suggest Pixorial for those newer to video editing, and WeVideo for those with more experience. 

Cloud-Based Video Editing

If you would rather not do it yourself, Candido takes a different approach and will edit videos for you. Their 3-step process is You Shoot, We Edit, and You Share. They offer various monthly packages and charge $199 for a one-time project.

One other service caught our eye. Novacut is a 2011 Kickstarter funded project. Their user interface is pretty interesting and worth keeping an eye out for. There is no indication as to when their service will be available or pricing.