4 Examples to Repurpose Your Customer Testimonials

4 Examples to Repurpose Your Customer Testimonials
September 18, 2012

Testimonials and case studies are essential content for your website. Prospects want to know who relies on your offerings, how they use them and why, and success stories told from the point of view of the customer give you unparalleled credibility.

Unfortunately, creating this content isn’t always easy. Just like everyone else, customers are incredibly busy, so it’s unlikely that putting together a testimonial for you is their top priority. And then, of course, there are those customers who would love to tell their story and champion your company, but their legal departments and company policies stand in the way. 

So when you do get this rare and precious testimonial content, you should do your best to mine it for all its worth. How? It’s easier than you might think. Here are four ways to repurpose case studies and customer testimonials that have worked well for our team.

#1. Apply customer quotes to video presentations. Customer testimonials, case studies, social media content and even some press releases can include sound bite gold that can be assembled together in a video or animated PowerPoint presentation; check out the recent example below. All it takes are four or five quotes in the form of text, along with a photo of your customer or a company logo. If you can get your customer to guest narrate the sound bite (or if you already have audio/video to cut and paste from), the testimonial will be even more powerful as the story will literally be told in your customer’s voice.

  • #2. Adapt success stories into eBooks. Once you have a few testimonials in the form of blog articles or written case studies, try grouping them into an eBook that you can make available to your sales team and on relevant web pages. For example, we have success story eBooks for different functional areas (marketing, training) and industries (tech, finance). If you have video testimonials, you can turn that content into written form and include it as well. 

    #3. Create case study summaries. When you summarize multiple case studies into a video presentation or brochure, your readers/viewers will get a better sense of the breadth of your offering. These summaries should also quickly demonstrate that there are multiple business reasons for adopting your solution.

    #4. Use customer quotes in printed material. There’s no reason to limit client testimonials to your website only. Your printed datasheets and brochures will get a quick credibility boost when you print sound bites as sidebars. 

    Customer testimonials are simply too valuable to use once and forget. By repurposing and curating your own testimonial and case study content, you’ll be able to leverage your most powerful assets into exciting new resources.