How myBrainshark Takes the Work Out of Test Creation

How myBrainshark Takes the Work Out of Test Creation
September 24, 2012

 A myBrainshark User Question…

“Can I use myBrainshark to create tests for my viewers, students, or trainees?”

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With back-to-school season in full swing and corporate training topping agendas, this question could not be timelier.

The short answer is yes, you can create questions and report on viewer answers using any version of myBrainshark. However, paid subscriptions do offer more sophisticated Q&A options. Let’s explore this further:


If you’re a fan of the free version, you can add question slides into your presentation. However, your question types are limited to polls and surveys. The free myBrainshark won’t grade the content for you, but you will be able to obtain a graphical summary of the responses. This means you cannot drill the responses down by viewer, but you can obtain an understanding of how your audience performed and responded overall.

Use this version if you seek:

- Overall information retention

- General viewer competence

- Population preferences or trends (at a given moment or over a period of time)

myBrainshark PRO

If you Go PRO ($9.99/presentation per month), the question functionality (particularly with reporting) goes one step further. While you are still limited to only polls and survey questions, the addition of a guestbook enables you to obtain viewer-specific information. Furthermore, with enhanced reporting you can see specific responses viewer-by-viewer.

Use this version if you seek:

- Basic functionality plus:

* Viewer-specific answer reporting

* Guestbook/Registration information collection

myBrainshark PRO Trainer

At $19.99/presentation per month, myBrainshark PRO Trainer is the top tier of the myBrainshark family. With everything included in the free and PRO versions PLUS full exam functionality, myBrainshark Pro Trainer allows you to:

* add exam questions (with scoring and correct/incorrect answer designations)

* set completion criteria for the modules (myBrainshark grades it for you!)

* obtain detailed scoring and performance reports

* download SCORM packages for integration with an LMS

Use this version if you seek:

- The complete examination package:  start to finish, myBrainshark will help you create, share, and track your audience’s progress on micro and macro levels.

So, as you create your next module, remember this:  for every training, tracking, or trend-following need, myBrainshark has the testing solutions you seek.

Can’t decide which platform you prefer? Consult this detailed myBrainshark feature chart.  For enterprise-level needs, please review this comparison chart.  For details and advice tailored to your specific needs, reach out to to discuss your options.

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