Do You Love Your iPad More Than Your Spouse? [Infographic]

Do You Love Your iPad More Than Your Spouse? [Infographic]
September 26, 2012

A new survey shows that practically no situation is safe from Apple’s iPad these days.

Yes, yes – the iPad is popular. I know, it’s not exactly a shocking proclamation, what with sales expected to reach 66 million this year, a number that includes 94% of all enterprise tablet activations in Q2 2012. But what might surprise you is just how big an impact the iPad has had on the lives of its owners.

In a recent survey, Brainshark asked over 1,300 people about how they use their iPads on a day-to-day basis. Sure, some of the results were expected. (92% use their iPads on vacation – and why not? It’s a lot easier to travel with than a laptop.) Others were just plain amusing. (34% of respondents use their iPads while naked. Only 21% of these people do so in the tub. This means – what? The other 13% are nudists? Or they walk around their houses in the buff all day playing Angry Birds? You know what – let’s not analyze this too much.)

My favorite stat, however, is that if stranded on a desert island, 87% of people would prefer to have their significant other with them instead of their iPad. That means, of course, that the remaining 13% would leave their other halves in the lurch for a little island tablet time. (Then again, we didn’t specify whether the island would have decent WiFi or not. Imagine what the results would be then?)

But that’s not all our respondents had to say. For more details on how today’s iPad owners use their devices, check out the infographic below. And for more information on iPad usage, take a look at the following posts:

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