myBrainshark Featured Presentation: Laura M. Foley Design uses myBrainshark for High Impact Marketing

myBrainshark Featured Presentation: Laura M. Foley Design uses myBrainshark for High Impact Marketing
September 25, 2012

“Laura M. Foley Design helps people to Cheat Death by PowerPoint through customized PowerPoint training and presentation design. As a sole proprietor, it's up to me to do all of my own marketing, so I need to be sure that all of my efforts have maximum impact.

myBrainshark presentations are a big part of my marketing mix because they allow me to do content marketing, which can be much more effective and far reaching than traditional marketing methods. I'm able to demonstrate some of the lessons I teach during my training sessions, and I can also show people how I work, giving before and after examples of PowerPoint slides and the reasoning behind the design changes. This is huge, because people like know what they're getting when they're hiring a trainer or a presentation designer. But there's no "menu pricing" with a presentation design project because each one is different, and the training is somewhat customized as well. 

People often don't know how much presentation design costs or what's involved, so I'm sometimes asked to redesign a couple of slides so that a company can test my services. Rather than do spec work (i.e., work for free) for anyone who asks, I direct people to my Learning Content and they can see for themselves what I can do. This helps with prospective training customers as well, because they can view the myBrainsharks and know that I'm not just showing people how to make slides, I'm teaching them how to use PowerPoint to communicate effectively.

The slide makeover featured in this myBrainshark is something I offer subscribers to my monthly newsletter, the Design Dispatch. Because I use the example for my marketing, they don't have to pay for the redesign, and they can take my ideas and run with them! It's a great way for me to keep my myBrainshark content fresh and updated.”

Laura M. Foley Design

Laura Foley, Owner

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