PowerPoint for iPod touch: No iPhone? No Problem!

PowerPoint for iPod touch: No iPhone? No Problem!
September 17, 2012

Can your iPod actually have business value for sales reps and executives? With the ability to use PowerPoint for iPod touch, the answer is yes.    


There’s a great episode of The Office where Jim, Dwight and the sales team are brainstorming ways to compensate the rest of the staff. When someone suggests the idea of getting them all iPods, Phyllis chimes is with, “Ehh… if they don’t have an iPod by now, they really don’t want one.”

I laughed at the line because Phyllis was absolutely right; when the episode aired in 2010, seemingly everyone had an iPod. Of course, back then iPods were primarily used to download and listen to music or audio files. Since then, the rise of the iPhone and iPad devices have certainly stolen some of that musical thunder, given that both devices offer a lot more functionality in addition to the ability to listen to the latest Katy Perry single.

But that doesn’t mean a lot of people still don’t live and breathe their iPods. In fact, it’s been reported that Apple has shipped over 46 million units of the iPod touch, or as I like to call it, “the iPhone that’s not a phone.” And much like its more recent brothers and sisters in the Apple family, the touch can do a lot more than play music.

With the latest release of the SlideShark app, business professionals can now access PowerPoint slides and presentations directly from their iPod touch devices. Forget your laptop? Not a problem. Haven’t splurged on a new iPhone or an iPad? No worries. As long as you’ve downloaded the SlideShark app to your iPod touch from the iTunes App Store, you can plug in to a projector and present to your audience without skipping a beat. Simply upload your slides to the SlideShark portal that’s linked to your device, and you’re good to go.

So why would you want to present PowerPoint slides from your iPod touch? Here are just a few reasons to consider:

  • Convenience. People don’t always walk around with their laptops or iPads, but they almost always have their iPods or iPhones in their pockets. This is ideal for impromptu situations where you need to bring up a slide to a potential prospect or interested party.

  • Portability. Obviously, the reason more people carry iPods and smartphones is because they are smaller and easier to handle than larger computing devices. If all you need to do is give a PowerPoint presentation, you simply grab your iPod and go. How easy is that?

  • The cool factor. I guarantee you that most people have never seen someone give a business presentation from their iPod. If you are going into a sales meeting to make an impression, that alone would help make your presentation more memorable.

The SlideShark app allows you to view PowerPoint slides on your iPod touch just like you would from your laptop, with all colors, fonts and animations intact. You can also share slide decks with interested parties straight from your iPod with only a few clicks. Who needs an iPhone anyway?

Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

For more on using PowerPoint on your iPod touch, visit the SlideShark website.