PowerPoint for Smartphones 3 Ways Salespeople Can Benefit

PowerPoint for Smartphones 3 Ways Salespeople Can Benefit
September 14, 2012

Sales reps use PowerPoint. They also use smartphones. Put them together, and what do you get?

PowerPoint for smartphonesThese days, salespeople live and die by their smartphones. They also give tons of PowerPoint presentations throughout the year on their companies’ products and services. So it’s only natural that the two would come together at some point, right?

With the latest release of the SlideShark app, business professionals (or anyone, really) can now view and share PowerPoint presentations directly from their iPhones. This is a great feature for salespeople because while most mobile reps don’t carry their laptops or tablets with them at all times, each and every one of them is a slave to their smartphones. And while the BlackBerry has had a nice run, the iPhone has quickly become a preferred choice for many in the field.

So why should salespeople care about using PowerPoint on their smartphones?

As Karl Parry of BrightCarbon recently wrote, there are plenty of ways the SlideShark app provides new opportunities and flexibility to reps in the field. For example:

#1. PowerPoint for smartphones = simplified portability

As Karl explains, “You could in theory ditch the laptop and iPad all together and present from your iPhone entirely. I’m not sure my preference would be to present from the small screen, but an impromptu meeting could be supported by visuals displayed on the iPhone.”

Those “impromptu meetings” happen all the time at industry conferences, events and trade shows. And while the iPhone screen is a tad small for multiple viewers, the app allows you to zoom in for a more detailed look at select slides. Of course, the ideal way to present from the iPhone is via projector, which means reps can now realistically enter a sales meeting with no laptop, no tablet – nothing but their wits and a smartphone.

#2. PowerPoint for smartphones = new ways to “auto-present”

You can also hook your iPhone up to a projector to display slides without being required to actually present them. As Karl explains, “You can… loop presentations and have them auto play as well which opens up options when presenting – you could simply have the presentation run automatically on a loop hooked up to a TV at a trade show for example, powered from the iPhone.”

A lot of companies use this technique at conferences and events to provide their booths with graphically engaging content at all times. Plus, with the SlideShark Team Edition app, managers and colleagues back home can make changes and updates to slide decks on the fly, allowing reps to access and present the latest versions directly from their iPhones at any time.

#3. PowerPoint for smartphones = easier sharing of slide decks

One of the most common questions asked after a sales presentations is “Can you send me those slides?” Fortunately, it’s very easy to do this from the iPhone, as reps can send prospects the online version of their slides by email, or share them via social media (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn) with the click of a button. The SlideShark app also allows you to track shared presentations so you can see who has viewed your deck, which slides they looked at, and so on.

For more information on using PowerPoint on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, visit the SlideShark website. To learn more about visual storytelling, check out BrightCarbon.com.

Image Credit: FreeDigitalPhotos.net