September 05, 2012 | David Klein

(UPDATE: Guess what -- we've added more stuff! Check out our SlideShark topic page for details on the latest SlideShark features and releases.)

Are you at the point where you are now walking into meetings sans laptop carrying nothing more than your iPad? Well…even though I am hearing a number of companies following this trend and supplying iPads to their employees – some even recalling laptops –  that trend is still in the early stages.

But what if I were to tell you that you could now walk into your meeting sans iPad as well?  As long as you have your iPhone, you can now view and present your PowerPoint content using the NEW SlideShark iPhone App.  Simply connect the iPhone to a projector and SlideShark will display the content with pristine clarity and precision.  Impressed?  This is truly a game changer. 

Our press release quotes our CEO, Joe Gustafson, saying that SlideShark now “puts PowerPoint in your pocket.”  With the v2.0 release of SlideShark, you can access your content from an iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.  All of the features that you love and have come to depend on are included in this version (e.g. offline viewing, search, favorites, projection to a screen or TV, Airplay, laser pointer, share & track, etc.). We’ve also tuned this version with specific consideration of the screen size on an iPhone with a new pinch-to-zoom feature. 


SlideShark is easy to use on the iPhone. When you receive an email on your iPhone with a PowerPoint attachment, you can simply “Open In” SlideShark and you’re able to view the presentation immediately – with animations, fonts and colors intact.

Considering the iPhone represents such a large percentage of smart phone ownership, SlideShark Team Edition users are now able to more widely distribute their content – while still controlling access through folder permissions.  iPhone views and shares are tracked so that Administrators can report on the effectiveness of the content.

SlideShark 2.0 works on the iPod Touch as well, so it makes exhibiting at conferences much easier. Companies can put their presentations on a much less cumbersome and more affordable iPod Touch, hook it up to a monitor, and loop the presentation with auto-advancement of animations and slides. 

I should mention there are a few iPad features that are not in the iPhone version. These include: hide and re-order slides, Presenter Mode, and viewing reports. (SlideShark Team Edition Administrators, however, will still have access to viewing reports from their dashboard.)

Can I say any more about this release?  Of course I can.

More Storage

We didn’t just stop at expanding this great app to new devices. We’ve also included the ability to purchase SlideShark Plus to get an additional 1GB of storage from within the app using your iTunes account.  Until now you had to go to our website to do this. 

Downloading in the background

If you’re a power user like me and are constantly flipping between apps, no more worries when attempting to download content to your SlideShark app.  It will continue to download your slides even when the app is minimized.

Yep.  Squashed a few bugs too.

We’re never proud of highlighting any bugs – but we’re always excited when we’ve managed to resolve them.  You contacted us about two and they’re both fixed in this version:

  • Playing a presentation sometimes pops you back to the catalog during play.  We’ve done away with that silly bug.

  • If you’re projecting SlideShark and then attempt to project another app, at times the other app does not appear projected.  How selfish!  That’s no longer an issue.

We continue to develop innovative products that are fun, productive and provide great value to mobile individuals and professionals, so stay tuned!

We hope that you enjoy this latest version of SlideShark.  If you haven’t had a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it.  If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly.  They’re always there to lend a hand.

As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!


Senior Product Director


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