How to Add Video to Your SlideShark Presentations

April 16, 2013 | Erica Zahka
How to Add Video to Your SlideShark Presentations

In September, we added the ability to embed video content to your PowerPoint slides and play them when presenting with SlideShark. Have you tried it?

You can strengthen your presentations by using video to demonstrate processes, incorporate testimonials, or show promotional material.  Video is also a great way to add variety to your presentations while keeping your audience engaged.

So how does it work? Easy!

Simply insert the video file in your PowerPoint 2010 slide by selecting the Insert ribbon at the top of your PowerPoint screen, then choose Video > Video From File. Once the PowerPoint presentation is added to SlideShark, the video will play directly on the slide as part of your animation sequence.

Keep in mind that from the Animations tab PowerPoint, you will want to set your video to “Play” instead of “Pause” to ensure that it plays for its full duration in SlideShark (see below).


If you want your video to repeat a certain number of times on that slide in SlideShark, open the Animation Pane and choose Timing in the drop-down menu to select the number of times you would like the video to repeat on that slide.


Currently, .avi and .wmv video files with .wmv codecs are supported. Should you have any questions about your video file, please contact our support team.

One last quick note – at this time, embedded videos are not supported when using the SlideShark Broadcasting feature for remote attendees. However, you can use SlideShark’s Share feature to provide your remote attendees with an immediate meeting review. The Share feature generates a video version of your PowerPoint; and your video file will play just as perfectly in the shared version as it did during your meeting.

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