Brainshark on the Road: Customer Community Team Visits Chattanooga

April 03, 2013 | Irwin Hipsman
Brainshark on the Road: Customer Community Team Visits Chattanooga

We are in in the middle of our busiest travel season of the year here at Brainshark. Between City Tours, Workshops, User Groups, and customer visits, the Customer Community team has already coordinated visits to Phoenix, Houston, London, Brussels, Edinburgh Scotland, Cleveland, St. Louis, Nashville, NYC, Kansas City, Chicago, Rockford IL, Dallas, Columbus, Cincinnati, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Boston and Chattanooga.

To see where else we will be this spring, visit our event calendar to register for an existing event, or invite us to visit your city!

I have to say, the most interesting city we have visited was Chattanooga, Tennessee. We were there for a private user group meeting with BlueCross Blue Shield of Tennessee at their spectacular headquarters overlooking the downtown.  

brainshark customer community team

This is a city that is evolving into a regional hub for technology, arts, and the environment. During our visit, we learned a number of unique facts about the city- here are just a few:

  • Through its community-owned electric utility company, Chattanooga is the only city in the US that offers a 100% fiber network to every home and business. This means that subscribers can upload and download on the internet at 200 times faster than the current national average and the network has the potential to be a significant economic engine.

  • Market Street has the longest pedestrian bridge in the world, a converted railroad bridge that crosses the Tennessee River and joins the downtown to the Northside neighborhood.

I do not mean to sound like a shill for the local Chamber of Commerce, but you can feel the energy and see the new construction on the streets.  While we were walking around the Northside looking for a place for dinner we came across this mural by Kevin Bate on Frazier Avenue.

brainshark customer community team

The portraits featured in this mural are those of the men who made computer technology possible. I am sure you know one of the faces, and may have heard of a few others. For those who are interested in history, watch this 10-second Brainshark presentation and click on the person’s name to learn about their contribution to the field.

We enjoyed our visit in Chattanooga, and we look forward to continuing our city tour to many more exciting destinations.  Make sure to take a look at our events calendar to see when we will be traveling to a city near you, and register for an event- we hope to see you there!

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