Incorporating Videos in your myBrainshark Presentations

April 17, 2013 | Wahl Allison
Incorporating Videos in your myBrainshark Presentations

While most myBrainshark presentations predominantly use PowerPoint, it is important to know that other media forms can be used to compose the content. Therefore, when we are asked:

“Can I incorporate videos in myBrainshark presentations?”

We love to explain just how easy it is. The first thing to note is that videos can take many different shapes such as customer testimonials, product demonstrations, and screen capture videos. But everything from Prezi videos to YouTube clips can be added as well.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when adding video slides:

  1. There is a 200 MB upload size limit so make sure that any videos you incorporate fall within the size restriction, or split up the video into multiple pieces as needed.

  2. To optimize your video content for the myBrainshark player, make sure the video has an aspect ratio of 4:3 and is 720X540 pixels. Videos created with other formatting specifications will still work, but may not render as flawlessly.

  3. Over 100 video codecs are supported, so more often than not, your videos will work in Brainshark. However, if you notice a video is proving more difficult than expected, feel free to send it over to the Brainshark Support team for troubleshooting.

Videos embedded to your PowerPoint slides are not yet supported in Brainshark, but the process for adding a video is easy! Here’s how:

  1. Select “Edit” on your existing presentation

  2. Choose “Add Slides>Video slide” from the Things you Can Do Menu on the leftincorporating-videos-in-your-myBrainshark-presentations

  3. Browse for your video file and save

  4. Once the video is done processing, it will automatically append as a slide to the end of your presentation. To move the video to another location within your slide sequence, select the “Manage Slides” option and drag it where you’d like it to go.

To upload a Prezi, there are a few options. The first is to incorporate it as a URL slide (through Add Slides>URL slide, then submit the Prezi URL), which would then allow the viewer to navigate through the Prezi while viewing the Brainshark. However, for a more controlled video experience, simply download the Prezi in a video format (we recommend .wmv) and follow the steps to add it as a video slide.

Where YouTube is concerned, the process is a little more complex, and requires you to insert it as a URL slide. However, to have the video utilize full Brainshark real estate and not simply display as the YouTube landing page, you have to modify the YouTube link you are given. You can modify the link so that related presentations are not shown at the end of the YouTube clip or so that the video auto-starts once you launch the URL slide. Either way, contact Support for specifics on how to configure the link to fit your needs.

A great presentation incorporates a variety of methods to keep viewers engaged – and videos could be just the kick your myBrainshark content needs.

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