Introducing Our New Royalty-Free Image Library

April 01, 2013 | Irwin Hipsman
Introducing Our New Royalty-Free Image Library

The mission of the Customer Community Team at Brainshark is to provide resources to help make your presentations more effective. To that end, we sponsor webinars, conduct public and private user groups, collect benchmarking data and more. Over the years we have been building out a collection of royalty free media for you to use in your Brainshark presentations.

The latest addition to this media collection is a library of 500 royalty-free images that we have gathered and licensed on your behalf. Let’s take a closer look at this new collection of images, and how to use them, and then review the other types of media in the library as well.


We all know images can be used to visually enhance slides to help tell your story. The problem is not everybody can spend a lot of money for stock images. Also, sourcing images on the internet can potentially lead to copyright infringement issues, and searching for the good stuff is time-consuming. To help with this challenge, as of April 1, we are making 500 royalty free images available from Corbis Images, one of the leading sources of images for advertising, marketing and media professionals. We have carefully selected engaging visuals in 16 categories that can be used is sales, training, marketing, HR and other types of presentations.

To preview the entire collection, view this Brainshark presentation.  To access the image library and read about the terms for using the images, click here. Once you are on this page, you will be able to download each set of images, one folder at a time.


Licensing FAQ

During the March 28 webinar announcing the collection of images a few licensing questions came up.

Q: Is the image library available for all authors at my company?
A: Yes, as long as they have a UserName and Password to your Brainshark site they can use the collection

Q: What if I am a consultant creating a Brainshark presentation under contract?
A: Yes, if you are an individual working for that company, and have a Brainshark UserName and Password, you can use the collection. Agencies, however, may not.

Q: Can I use the images in PowerPoint presentations to present in front of an audience?
A: Sorry, we have not licensed the images for that use. The images in this library have been licensed specifically for use in presentations that will be uploaded to Brainshark, and shared as Brainshark presentations.

Q: Is there any limitation on who views Brainshark presentations that contain Corbis images?
A: No, they can be viewed by anybody internal or external to your organization and on any device.

Q: How long can I use the images?
A: The images can be downloaded through the end of 2013. Any Brainshark presentation with a Corbis image you create in 2013 can have unlimited shelf life. So, even 5 years from now, as long as you are still a customer, that presentation and its images can still be active and generating views.

PLEASE NOTE: This is also true of the Royalty Free Music Library songs. The animations templates have no license restrictions in either Brainshark or PowerPoint presentations.

Locating Additional Images

Everybody’s presentations are different and 500 images is just a start. One of the reasons why we chose Corbis was their search capability. Let’s say you find some images you would like to use from the Brainshark collection, but you want to find something a little different to use in your presentation. To search for more images:

1. Find the image number. It usually starts with a 42-xxxxx and can be found by right-clicking on the image and choosing properties or by viewing the images in this /brainsharkinc/500images

2. Copy and paste the number into the search bar at


3. Click on the image and you will see SIMILAR IMAGES. This will send you to related images that may be even more useful. If you are really lucky, you will see IMAGE SETS which has additional images that are part of a series. As an example, in the Brainshark collection, the folder People at Work has 29 images that emanate from 2 photographs.


4. To purchase additional images from Corbis, we have negotiated a 15% discount and contact for more information.

In addition to images, we also offer royalty-free animations templates and music.


Launched is 2011, we have created 3 collections of 50 animations templates available to anybody. These are very popular and useful in that someone has done the heavy lifting of creating engaging animations in PowerPoint, and all you have to do is choose the ones you wish to use.  Once you have selected the animations templates that best suit your presentation, download them to your computer, and they are ready to use as is, or you are welcome to adapt them in any way to fit your presentation. For those of us who self-train, being able to de-construct the animations pane and see how the effects were done is an extra benefit of these pre-created animations templates. To access our library of animations templates, click here.


When you log into Brainshark, there are approximately 20 background audio tracks available in your Media Library. In January 2013, we added 10 new music tracks, each with 4 different lengths so you can better fit the music to the length of your slide. Background audio can be added at full volume if there is no narration or at lower volumes so that it complements the narration. To access the music library and learn how the songs can be used, click here.

Visit the Image Library

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