9 Standout Quotes from the Sales Enablement Webinar Series

9 Standout Quotes from the Sales Enablement Webinar Series
August 7, 2013

9-quotes-from-sales-enablement-webinar-seriesThere are many components to an effective sales enablement strategy, whether it’s training your sales force, creating content to help them communicate with prospects and clients, or providing innovative tools (such as mobile devices) to help them get the job done. While many companies already have a sales enablement function, all signs point to this discipline growing in importance and really impacting the bottom line.

Brainshark gathered some of the brightest minds in this field for our Sales Enablement Webinar Series, and each shared valuable insights for developing top-notch strategy. Here we’ve selected nine standout quotes shared in the series.

Breaking Through the Status Quo Barrier

#1. “Salespeople want to have these higher order conversations, but they are held back either because they don’t feel like they have the tools or they are not prepared.” – Mike Sitter, Director, Sales Effectiveness at CenturyLink

#2. “Identify and amplify something that’s important to the prospect that maybe they didn’t even realize is as important as they thought – and you know it is.” – Tim Riesterer, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Corporate Visions

Enlightened Onboarding: Your Path to Accelerating New Sales Rep Productivity

#3. “A rep’s knowledge must continue to be fed over the long term in order for productivity to grow. –  Jim Ninivaggi, Service Director, Sales Enablement Strategies at SiriusDecisions

How Collaboration Advances the Sale

#4. “The issue of consistent and clear communications is one that technology can solve.  Having a ‘single version of the truth’ is really important.”  –  Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer and EVP at Miller Heiman

Best Practices in Mobile Sales Enablement

#5. “The most popular area of investment [of mobile sales] is real-time access to the right sales and marketing information at the right time, [and] at the right step of the sales process to move the sales process forward.” Steve Diorio, Partner at Profitable Channels

Great Sales Conversations, Your Last Bastion of Differentiation

#6. “The new conversation economy is based on salespeople being great problem finders, not just problem solvers.” – Tim Riesterer

Learning Everywhere: How Mobile Content Strategies are Transforming Training

#7. “Convert your best existing content into a mobile, usable, fresh user experience – this means rethinking what is the best and most relevant information. It’s a technology and also a design issue.” – Chad Udell, Managing Director at Float Learning

#8. “We are finally to the point where we can easily deliver performance support and lifelong learning. Start with the needs of the users (learners) and consider the capabilities they carry in their purses or pockets.” – Clark Quinn, author of Designing mLearning, Tapping into the Mobile Revolution for Organizational Performance

#9. “Mobile devices are everywhere. We need to align our learners to the capabilities of those devices.” – Carol Cohen, Learning Program Manager at Hewlett-Packard

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