How to Boost Sales Effectiveness with Your Own Sales Enablement Portal

How to Boost Sales Effectiveness with Your Own Sales Enablement Portal
August 1, 2013

As today’s buyers become more educated about the products they’re interested in purchasing (70% of the sales cycle now takes place before a sales rep even enters the picture), it’s even more crucial for sales reps to be effectively prepared when they do get the opportunity to engage potential customers.

To really bring value to the conversation, sales reps must be well-versed in the benefits their solutions can bring. They also need to be armed with the right collateral to support the conversation and further highlight the value of those solutions.  For sales organizations, this means keeping reps up to speed on all the latest product updates, even if those changes go into effect after they’ve already hit the road for a meeting. 

This can be a lot to keep track of, especially if the information is reaching reps through a seemingly infinite variety of communication methods; emails, CRM, live training – where does it end?  To overcome random acts of sales support, let’s explore how Brainshark’s Content Portal helps reps efficiently and effectively prepare and train for sales conversations.      

Formal Learning

When it comes to sales training, it can be expensive and cumbersome to take reps out of the field for in-person learning sessions.  Fortunately, with on-demand formal training solutions like Brainshark Rapid Learning, reps can be trained anywhere, anytime that is most convenient for them. 

From the Content Portal, reps can access all the latest training courses that have been assigned to them in a personalized, mobile-ready “Learning Locker.”  With the latest update to the Rapid Learning interface, reps now enjoy simplified navigation, searchable enrollments and course catalogs, plus customizable views and sort options, all accessible from a desktop or mobile environment.


Informal Learning

While formal sales training is an important component of effectively enabling sales reps for success in the field, the need for learning content does not end there.  As products evolve, reps need a way to quickly and efficiently access the most up-to-date information so they’re on-message and can serve as the best possible resource to the potential buyer. 

In a scenario like this, informal, just-in-time learning content can be the differentiator that helps a rep impress the buyer with their expertise and ultimately advance the deal.

Sales managers can supplement formal training with brief, informal learning presentations for a blended approach to sales training.  Reps can access informal learning content from the same portal where they have already taken their formal training courses. And since the Content Portal is optimized for mobile, reps can brush up on the latest product upates right from their mobile device, just in time for their sales meeting.    

Content Organization

In both formal and informal learning situations, the real key is to enable reps to find the resources they need, right when they need them. For example, reps may require an up-to-date, approved slide deck to for an upcoming sales conversation, but also supporting collateral like testimonials, product demo presentations, datasheets and more.

The Content Portal makes it simple for reps to locate the most relevant content for their sales conversations with easy-to-use search and filtering options.  What’s more, once they have identified the resources they need for their meeting, reps can save them to their favorites using the Lists capability.  With Lists, reps can organize pieces of content for specific sales meetings, for a certain industry, or by any other designation that they would like.

And once again, since the sales enablement portal is mobile-ready, content can be accessed and organized from any mobile device, putting a rich, dynamic content repository literally in the palm of their hand.


As you can see, the Content Portal enables organizations to avoid random acts of sales support by helping reps effectively prepare and train for sales meetings in an organized way.  This way, sales management can streamline their sales enablement efforts, while also catering explicitly to the needs of mobile sales professionals.  

Whether they’re taking formal training from their home office, organizing content for sales meetings at the airport, or viewing the latest product update from the hotel lobby, with the Sales Enablement Portal reps have all the resources they need at their fingertips. 

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