Announcing Brainshark VideoSync: Slides and Video Side-by-Side

Announcing Brainshark VideoSync: Slides and Video Side-by-Side
August 20, 2013

When you have the opportunity to showcase an influential subject matter expert or key executive, how do you best take advantage of that valuable resource?  A slide-based presentation narrated by your SME can be the best way, but sometimes a simultaneous video of the presenter can add even more impact.

That’s where Brainshark’s new VideoSync feature steps in.  With VideoSync, you can optionally show video side-by-side with your slide content to highlight SMEs and high-visibility presenters.  It also provides a great way to repurpose existing video content for maximum impact. 

You can upload a video with a single mouse click, and then synchronize your slides – animations included – to the video with easy-to-use controls.  Brainshark supports over 100 different video formats, so you don’t have to spend time reconfiguring your video content before uploading it.  The entire editing environment is shown on one screen, with simple visual cues to access all the features you’ll need.  And because VideoSync-enabled presentations are optimized for viewing on both computers and mobile devices, presentations can be viewed at virtually any time or location.

VideoSync is included as a part of all Brainshark On-Demand licenses, so Brainshark customers will have access to this exciting new capability.  Of course, they’ll also have the online help and training, phone-based support, presentation reviews, optional implementation services and content creation services that are the hallmark of Brainshark’s customer experience.  

We invite you to take a  few minutes to watch the presentation below to learn more about VideoSync and see how it works!