Enhanced Online Training: Learn What’s New in Brainshark’s Online Training Series

Enhanced Online Training: Learn What’s New in Brainshark’s Online Training Series
August 13, 2013

online training revampOne of the most common questions asked by customers is “What are the options for being trained on how to use Brainshark?”  In addition to the implementation and onboarding training provided by our team of advisors, we also offer 3 ways for new users to get trained directly from our website.

1. Self-service. Just log-in and start learning with the help of our robust Help & Training  library which is packed with video tutorials, process documents, best practices, and much more.  Of course, you can always contact our support team with any questions, or for some additional assistance.

2. On-demand. We offer a 7-part new author series which consists of a series of 5-10 minute presentations (in Brainshark, of course) where, at your convenience, you can learn how to Create, Share and Track presentations.

3. Live online. This 8-part series is hosted by the Brainshark Customer Success Team, and is an excellent option for those who prefer to learn in a more interactive setting.

Each option offers training for new users who are just getting started with Brainshark, as well as tips for more experienced authors to sharpen your skills.

In May, we surveyed those who participated in the training classes and found that 76% of those who took a class found it to be valuable or extremely valuable. We also received this additional feedback:

  • 67% felt that the length of the classes (45 minutes with Q&A ) was just about right

  • 69% indicated that after taking a class they could use Brainshark more effectively

  • Although we did not ask, we have heard from our European customers that they wanted classes that better fit their time zones

While these numbers are very good, we want them to be great, so we quickly took your advice and made some improvement to our online training offerings.  Beginning in late-August will be rolling out a refreshed live online training program which offers a set of new classes, as well as a revised schedule.  Here’s an overview of what's new and what we have updated, including a brief description of each class. 

New classes

Add Voice & Music . Audio is key in creating an engaging presentation. This class will cover the many ways of adding voice narration, background and full volume music and working with audio files.

Animations in PowerPoint. This class will be delivered by our partner, UK-based Bright Carbon. They help customers create visual stories, provide excellent PowerPoint training, and offer fantastic presentation resources.

Merged classes

Edit & Add Questions/Media. What if your presentation needs updating? Learn how to manage slides, change presentation settings, re-record audio, and add attachments/additional content types.

Share & Track. Now that it's time to get your communication out there, learn about the many ways you can share presentation URL’s and generate a wide range of analytics. 

Popular returning classes

Presentations Best Practices. We all want our presentations to be as engaging as possible. This class will review the key best practices related to creating visuals, adding audio and incorporating Brainshark features.

Create a Presentation.  If you are new to Brainshark, this session will walk you through uploading files, adding audio, setting commonly-used presentation settings and generating a presentation URL.

Animations Timing. Learn how to add animations, set the timing of the animations while recording or anytime afterwards and understand when to use “on-click” and “with/after previous” animation. 

Repurpose Presentation Content. If you need to repurpose existing slides or audio from one presentation to another, the ability to copy, personalize and merge can help you make the most of existing content.

To register for any of the free classes highlighted above, visit our Live Online Training Schedule.

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