With iPads and SlideShark Broadcasting^* Rice Resources Gets the Job Done

August 28, 2013 | Guest Contributor
With iPads and SlideShark Broadcasting^* Rice Resources Gets the Job Done

The article below was submitted by Mark Rice, Managing Director, Webinar Resources and MobExMe.

rice-resources-use-slideshark-broadcastingRice Resources is the parent company of Webinar Resources and MobExMe, which provides on-demand acquisition and mobile-ready content services that drive successful business communications.  

Our development and sales teams use iPads because they are easy to use, configure and maintain – AND provide a way to show off our products to our customers. Plus, you can go anywhere with iPads without worrying about technology and connection issues. For example, iPads allow us to meet with clients and venture capitalists at any location, including restaurants, and we can have an interactive conversation instead of a one-way lecture.

SlideShark has been a great sales enablement tool for us. We initially used SlideShark as a way to display PowerPoint slides correctly on iPads. We’ve since expanded our use of SlideShark to include the Broadcasting feature which we use in two ways. The first is to connect with our employees and partners who are located in different parts of the country. It’s easy and convenient to share information via a simple web link that gets everyone instantly connected. Participants don’t have to download anything to see our presentation, and they can follow along with the live presentation on any device, not just an iPad.

Going forward, we’ll be using Broadcasting more and more in a client setting. It’s an easy way to show off our product features, functions and use cases to people that can’t make it to a face-to-face meeting. When you begin your communications using technology that wows your audience, it makes it much easier to sell.   SlideShark just gets the job done.

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