SlideShark v3.2 – Wipe Transition^* Team Edition Browse by Folder & Self-Registration

August 22, 2013 | Alese Andreucci
SlideShark v3.2 – Wipe Transition^* Team Edition Browse by Folder & Self-Registration

In the newest SlideShark release we’ve stayed true to adding user requested features as well as improving the experience of the app.

“Wipe” Transition
While we’ve always supported PowerPoint animations, we’ve now begun adding support for popular transitions between slides. SlideShark now honors the Wipe Right, Wipe Left, Wipe Up, and Wipe Down transitions in addition to the Fade transition we previously added. As a result, SlideShark now supports 5 of the top 10 PowerPoint transitions.

Browse by Folder
Our Team Edition users will now be able to filter by folder and see the presentations that are only in that folder. This was initially a web-based feature of the product that has now been expanded into the mobile application.

Team Edition Self-Registration
On the web-side, we’ve made it much easier to onboard team members through a fast and intuitive profile administration process. Administrators will be able to create modifiable user profiles and customize their accessibility to desired team members.

SlideShark v-3-2User profiles will consist of a profile name, assigned folder permissions, ability to upload and/or ability to view. Admins can invite single or multiple users to a profile and will be alerted by email each time a new user registers. Admins can also turn off self-registration for a single profile or URL and restrict or enable registration from certain domains.

Invited members will be able to create their own account using a link in the email invitation. If they already have an account, users will have the ability to change the email address associated to the existing account, or cancel the account unless it is paid or already related to a Team Edition account. 

User Details Report
The goal of this new report is to give Administrators a single, sortable view of all of the users in their Team Edition account. It includes the same information that displays on the Manage Users page (First name, Last name, Email address, Admin: Yes/No, Date added, Number of mobile/web logins, Number of presentations uploaded). We’ve also added a “Last Login” field which gives the Admin insight into who is actively using SlideShark.

We’re really excited about these new features and hope you enjoy them! If you have a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it. If you find issues or have questions, get in touch with our Support Team directly. They’re always ready to help.

As always, enjoy SlideShark and keep those requests coming!

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