A Simple Trick for Choosing PowerPoint Color Combinations

A Simple Trick for Choosing PowerPoint Color Combinations
December 30, 2013

There are a number of keys to a successful business presentation, not least of which are presenter tone and delivery. But as presentation design experts have noted, the slide content itself also plays a pivotal role in whether the presentation sinks or soars.

Choosing engaging images and easy-to-read fonts is important when creating professional presentations, as is giving consideration to the harmony of all elements of a slide and the cohesiveness of the presentation as a whole. A set of simple, sleek colors can do a lot to pull a presentation together and give it that necessary professional feel – but which colors should you choose?

In the short video below, PowerPoint guru and author of Speaking PowerPoint Bruce Gabrielle provides a simple trick for selecting aesthetically appealing color combinations that won’t light up your slides like a neon billboard.

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