SlideShark v3.3 – New Annotation Pen

December 12, 2013 | Alese Andreucci
SlideShark v3.3 – New Annotation Pen

With the holidays fast approaching, we wanted to give our users a present ahead of time before we launched into our big plans for 2014. In the latest release of SlideShark, we tackled a new feature and made a few key fixes to make the experience even better.

New Annotation Pen Size

Up until now, SlideShark users have had three different pen size options to choose from when annotating their slides. We have now added an even finer tipped pen as a fourth option for presenters to use. While all pen options are compatible with standard iPad styluses, this latest size is recognized by the finer tipped styluses such as Adonit’s Jot products.


Frequent annotators should find the new option particularly useful for making the most of the blank or open spaces on their slides.

Clever tip: Add a whiteboard to your presentation simply by adding a blank slide to your deck!

Bug Fixes

The SlideShark Team is always on the hunt for the kinks and quirks that pop up for our users. In this release, we’ve implemented some fixes for a few pesky instances of a dimmed or blacked out screen. We’ve also done a little maintenance to make some administration options for Team Edition customers a little bit more fluid.


We also thought it would be important to remind our users that our Terms of Use changed a couple months ago and wanted to make sure everyone has a chance to take a look.

If you find issues or have questions, please get in touch with our Support Team directly. They’re always ready to help. And as always, if you’re pumped about SlideShark and you have a chance to post a review to the AppStore, we would greatly appreciate it!

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