Sales Reps Turn to Mobile Presentations for Flexibility in the Field [Report]

Sales Reps Turn to Mobile Presentations for Flexibility in the Field [Report]
December 4, 2013

As the calendar winds down on the final weeks of 2013, it’s clear that mobile presentations are one of the year’s fastest growing sales trends, with no signs of slowing down. 

According to data from our recent State of the Sales Rep survey, mobile presentations have been instrumental in broadening the selling field for reps.  Of the 416 sales professionals surveyed, 60% said they use iPads or other tablets during sales meetings. 

Further highlighting the growing popularity and importance of mobile sales presentations is the diverse list of locations reps said they have delivered them.  While a number of reps still present in formal business settings, many others have found themselves presenting in less traditional spots such as restaurants – 63% in fact, have given presentations over dinner.  Imagine hauling out a laptop for that! 

Other popular places where sales reps present include:

  • At a social event (54%)

  • At a coffee shop (45%)

  • At a bar (35%)

  • At the airport (18%)


Though a bit outside the traditional selling space, the locations above can still serve as sites of productive sales conversations, but there were a few others on the list that we couldn’t quite wrap our minds around:

  • At the gym (this brings a whole new meaning to mobile presentations)

  • At the spa (So this is what they mean when they tell presenters to be relaxed)

  • While on a date (13 people admitted to this!)

It’s clear that mobile presentations have revolutionized how and where sales reps present, but they still face a handful of challenges that mobile technologies are primed to help them overcome.  For instance, 45% of reps surveyed said they have experienced internet connection issues while presenting.  With iPad presentation apps like SlideShark, sales reps can download the most up-to-date content right to their device before the meeting even starts so they can deliver a seamless presentation without relying on an internet connection.

Even more reps (50% of those surveyed) reported that not having key decision makers in the room was a major challenge. Fortunately, developments in mobile technology that enable presenters to broadcast their presentations to any mobile device help them engage both audience members around the table, and those located remotely.

Of course, presenting is only a portion of the story when it comes to the many ways mobile technologies have transformed how sale professionals do their jobs. Today’s sales reps not only deliver presentations from their tablets, but also use them heavily to prepare for sales meetings. With reps now turning to mobile devices throughout the sales process, this has put the spotlight on the importance of mobile content strategies to drive sales effectiveness

As organizations develop those strategies, it’s important that they shape them based on how reps are already using mobile technologies to prepare for sales meetings, deliver their presentations, and follow up with their contacts afterwards – but it’s also crucial that they use the data to reflect on how current practices can be improved. This means organizations must create a flexible strategy that can evolve to address new challenges as they arise in order to truly capitalize on the power of mobile sales presentations.

For more details on how mobile technologies are changing the way today’s reps navigate the sales process, download the full report and check out our State of the Sales Rep infographic.  

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