Top 10 PowerPoint Tips of 2013

Top 10 PowerPoint Tips of 2013
December 10, 2013

At Brainshark, one of our goals each year is to help audiences get the absolute most out of their PowerPoint presentations. Whether these PowerPoints are being delivered live, shared on-demand, or transformed into voice-enriched videos, we work hard to share ideas for creating more effective, professional-looking content.

With the New Year creeping closer, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most popular PowerPoint blog posts from 2013. Browse the list below to find tips and ideas on working with PowerPoint animations, text and graphics, as well as fresh ideas for getting more out of your slides and content.

#1. 4 PowerPoint Tips that Changed My Life
If you work in PowerPoint often, these simple techniques from Marit Fratelli could help make your job a lot easier (and faster).

#2. How Much Do People REALLY Remember from PowerPoint Presentations?
Rexi Media’s Dr. Carmen Simon recently set out to learn what audiences truly take away from PowerPoint slides – and the results might surprise you.

#3. How to Use PowerPoint to Create Screen Capture Videos
Did you know that with the right combo of motion animations, you can create a screen capture demonstration with PowerPoint? This post explains how.

#4. Quick Tips for More Professional Looking PowerPoint Slides
Sabrina Cote shares some easy ways to make sloppy and distracting slides look sleek and professional, complete with a short instructional video.

#5. How to Create Internet Memes with PowerPoint
Memes have become an incredibly popular marketing tool. This post demonstrates how you can make your own memes from scratch with nothing but PowerPoint and some creativity.

#6. PowerPoint Image Placement Tips: How to Be Exact
Carelessly placed graphics lead to sloppy looking slides – but it doesn’t have to be that way. This article demonstrates some simple ways to keep everyone in alignment.

#7. How to Compress Your PowerPoint Files Down to Size
Are your PowerPoint files a bit too… bloated? Graphics and images may be to blame. Here is an easy way to quickly compress your files.

#8. 5 Amazingly Simple PowerPoint Text Tricks to Try
Quality text is still an essential part of most PowerPoint presentations, and these tips will make working with text in PowerPoint a breeze.

#9. PowerPoint Animation Ideas for More Impactful Slides
Animation is one of the keys to creating engaging slides in PowerPoint. This post provides some tips to ensure you don’t stray down the wrong path.

#10. Quick Tips for PowerPoint Image Consistency
It can be easy to fall into the trap of assuming that any image is better than no image at all, but as Sabrina Cote points out, this isn’t always the case.

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