Top 10 Video Marketing Tips of 2013

Top 10 Video Marketing Tips of 2013
December 11, 2013

top-video-marketing-tips-of-2013As predicted in January, online video has been a hot topic for marketers in 2013. Recent data shows that 73% of B2B companies now actively use video as a content marketing tactic – a two-year growth of 15% from 2011.

Over the past 12 months, we’ve posted a host of video marketing tips, tricks and ideas to help marketers hone their strategies in 2013 and beyond. Below are 10 of our most popular posts from the Brainshark Ideas Blog this year, with tips on video content creation, YouTube marketing, SEO and more.

#1. 10 Video Marketing Content Ideas that Anyone Can Use
Coming up with new topics for video marketing can be a challenge – but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some simple content ideas anyone can use when planning their calendar.

#2. 3 Ways to Enhance Your LinkedIn Presence with Video
LinkedIn is a natural place for marketers and sales reps to focus their attention. Here are three simple ways the right video content can help.

#3. Video Marketing Lessons from the Top 100 Global Brands
A 2013 study took a detailed look at how the biggest brands in the world use video and YouTube to drive business. Here are 10 things marketers can learn from their success.

#4. YouTube Channel Design Changes: The Good and the Bad
A new channel design released earlier this year gave marketers on YouTube a host of new options to play with. In this article, Sabrina Cote takes a closer look at the new features.

#5. 3 Ways Sales Teams Use Video Content to Drive Business
Video content isn’t just about marketing to new audiences – it also helps sales reps sell better. Learn about some of the ways B2B salespeople can use marketing videos in this post.

#6. Tips for Scripts: 4 Scriptwriting Ideas for Online Video Marketing
No matter what type of video content you’re creating, the right script can help. Here you’ll find a few basic tips for writing effective scripts that can help simplify the content creation process.

#7. 3 Video Content Assets You Can Create Without a Video Camera
Marketers don’t need to be intimidated by video just because they lack expertise. Here are three examples of powerful content assets that can be created without even picking up a camera.

#8. Content Tips: Repurposing Blog Posts into Video Presentations
Why come up with new video marketing ideas when you can repurpose the content you already have? Here are some tips for transforming popular blog posts into effective video assets.

#9. How to Improve SEO for Embedded Video Presentations
With the help of structured data, online videos can add significant SEO value to your company webpages. Here is a step-by-step process for making it work with Brainshark presentations.


#10. What Are You Wearing? How to Dress for Online Video
When shooting videos for marketing purposes, it’s not always obvious how you or your subjects should dress. Here are six simple tips to keep in mind before going on camera.

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