4 Types of Videos Every Content Marketing Strategy Should Have

4 Types of Videos Every Content Marketing Strategy Should Have
December 3, 2013

While the data shows that more B2B content marketers than ever are now using online video, the numbers don’t say a lot about how they’re using it.

Sure, video marketing is a valuable strategy, but the way you utilize it is just as important as the format itself. The good news is that there’s a LOT you can do with online video these days (for example, here are 10 simple video marketing ideas any one can use). But for content teams with limited time and resources, the question might really be a matter of how you prioritize your efforts.

Last month, social media and marketing guru Lisa Barone shared eight video types that can be used to “increase awareness, build lead generation, and establish trust with customers.” It’s a great list, but it occurred to me that not every organization is going to create each video type listed there.

That got me thinking – if you’re using video for content marketing, what are the types of videos you absolutely have to have? With that in mind, here is my short list to include with your content strategy first.

#1. The Company Intro Video

First off, video is a great tool for introducing audiences to your organization. It can tell visitors what you’re about and what you have to offer – and it can do it quickly, in a highly engaging format. These videos work great as elements on your homepage, embedded to your website’s About Us page, published to your brand’s YouTube channel, and so on.

As an example, earlier this year we put together an introduction video focused on our commitment to sales enablement (below).


#2. The Product Demo Video

Video is also ideal for demonstrating your products and solutions. Videos like these allow current and potential customers to see your products in action at their own convenience, without having to rely on a rep to walk them through the process. Of course, videos like these are also valuable selling tools, as salespeople can send them along to prospects before or after meetings.

#3. The Customer Testimonial Video

Nearly every content strategy includes success stories from customers and clients, and this is another area where video can really make those messages shine. Video testimonials don’t just tell a great story, they enable customers to tell those stories themselves, in their own voices. This creates a much more powerful resource for both marketing and sales purposes.

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#4. The How-To Video

Finally, since so much of your content marketing strategy will likely be geared toward non-promotional, thought leadership content, you should utilize video for those purposes too. The easiest video type to start with is the “how to.” This is a great opportunity to repurpose blog posts that require lots of screen shots and visuals to effectively demonstrate a particular process. As they say, if a picture is worth a thousand words, than a video is worth a million!

Like I said earlier, there are certainly many more ways to utilize video with content marketing (and once again, you can find even more ideas here). But if you’re short on time and resources, these four are the ones I’d prioritize first.

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