New Brainshark Feeder App Hits the Eloqua AppCloud

New Brainshark Feeder App Hits the Eloqua AppCloud
February 25, 2013

brainshark-feeder-for-eloqua-marketing-automationGood news for Eloqua and Brainshark customers! A recent addition to the Eloqua AppCloud now makes it easier than ever to add more value to the leads you capture through marketing automation.

With the Eloqua App for Brainshark, users can automatically associate certain Brainshark tracking data with individual contacts in Eloqua. For example, Eloqua marketing automation can be set up to include not only WHO has viewed your Brainshark presentations, but also how long they viewed for, which slides they viewed and other behavioral data points.

Why is this important?

Brainshark tracking and reporting enable you to learn more about the viewing behavior of your audience, and thus make more informed follow-up decisions. Text-based content like whitepapers or case studies will tell you that someone clicked on the page… and that’s it.

Brainshark video analytics enable you to dig deeper into the activity of your audience to determine their level of engagement and the best way to follow up. With the new Eloqua App for Brainshark, this viewing behavior can be fed automatically into Eloqua so that all of your individual contact details (along with names and contact info) can be found in one place.

Put simply, it takes the valuable lead-capture information you already get from Eloqua and makes it better! It’s also a great tool for Brainshark users, as the automatic movement of data between Brainshark and Eloqua adds even more value to your viewing analytics.

As a result, users can use this data to add more firepower to their lead nurturing and scoring strategies.

How do I set this up?

The Eloqua App for Brainshark needs to be set up by your marketing automation administrator along with whoever manages Brainshark at your organization. This is a “one-and-done” process, meaning once you have the Feeder set up, you’re all set. You can find detailed step-by-step instructions here via the Eloqua Topliners Community.

Wait – couldn’t I already do this?

Technically yes – but it’s a much more manual process that involves exporting your Brainshark tracking data to an FTP server, and using Eloqua to adjust and associate that data accordingly. With the new Eloqua App for Brainshark, all you need to do is have your Eloqua and Brainshark admins set things up, and you’re good to go.

What does it cost?

Glad you asked! The Eloqua App for Brainshark can be used at no additional cost, and is available exclusively to Eloqua and Brainshark customers.

What are the requirements?

The Eloqua App for Brainshark is compatible with all Team and Enterprise versions of Eloqua 9 and Eloqua 10 (or for customers with custom data objects enabled). You must also be a Brainshark Enterprise customer that has licensed Clickpath Tracking to take advantage of this feature. (Note that while Clickpath Tracking is included with Brainshark Enterprise products, it can also be purchased as an add-on for other editions.)

Do I have to embed my Brainshark videos on an Eloqua landing page?

No. You can share your videos literally anywhere on the Web. As long as you’ve set up the Eloqua App for Brainshark, your viewing data will be sent automatically to Eloqua.

Are there any other nuances I should be aware of?

Just a couple. First, you need to make sure that Brainshark is capturing the email addresses of all viewers. You can ask for other contact information as well, but email must be included. You can gather this information easily using the guest books in Brainshark, have it collected through your marketing automation parameters, or via some other process.

Second, Eloqua 10 features its own built-in lead scoring tool, which is not yet compatible with data gathered from the Eloqua App for Brainshark.

Once again, you can check out the Topliners Community for details on how to set up the app, and view this webinar replay for more details on using video for demand generation with Brainshark and Eloqua.

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