Consultant Uses Brainshark for Marketing and Internal Training

Consultant Uses Brainshark for Marketing and Internal Training
February 6, 2013

The article below was submitted by Brainshark Customer Karen Webb, Consultant

Coming from a consulting/analyst background, I know the importance of digital marketing assets.  Customers are more likely to purchase from you after consuming three or more marketing assets, and if you make it easy for them to consume, you’ll help yourself toward the sales goal that much faster.  Most customers today are leaning heavily toward marketing assets that are digital in nature and those that can be viewed easily on mobile devices.  It’s our job as marketers to grasp this trend and run with it.  When I was first introduced to Brainshark, my first impression was “interesting,” but in all honesty, I didn’t grasp the full value until I saw that a recorded Brainshark presentation is really a digital marketing asset…and it’s a lot easier and attractive for a customer to consume than a printed document or white paper.

I knew you could record audio to a presentation, but did not realize the full extent of capabilities and management that were available to me with Brainshark.  In my organization, we work in virtual teams, with members scattered across the globe.  Content might be developed in Massachusetts, California, and in Europe, but then recorded by someone in another location.  Brainshark has given us the flexibility we need to work more efficiently and cohesively in virtual teams.

Recently, we needed to create a technical presentation to demonstrate the capabilities of one of our products.  Our virtual team, located in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and in London, England, worked together to craft the content.  It was recorded in London, and reviewed and approved in Hopkinton.  When we needed to change something on one of the slides, it was easy to make that change and then have our team member in London re-record just the audio for that slide.  That capability and flexibility and ease of use of Brainshark reduced the time it would have taken to produce the presentation in the past.  Once the presentation went live, we were pleased with the metrics and reporting which showed us who watched the video, for how long, and whether they watched it fully.  Knowing this is helping us to design better presentations for our employees and for our customers.

Based on our experience creating that initial technical presentation, we are now adding Brainshark to the marketing and distribution plan for nearly all of our products and solutions.  Internal training plans include Brainshark as an element.  Product launches include Brainshark as an element.  Direct marketing campaigns include Brainshark as an element.  Brainshark is easy to use, a powerful tool, and provides metrics to help us make marketing, training, and business decisions.  Brainshark has quickly become a staple in our strategy both internal and external to the company.  We’re now exploring of other ways we can use Brainshark in our environment to help drive demand, awareness and revenue. 

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