Do You Use Your iPad for Email? Most Users Say YES

Do You Use Your iPad for Email? Most Users Say YES
February 21, 2013
Studies show that the majority of tablet owners user their iPads for email. So are your messages mobile-friendly?

In a survey last year, we asked over 1,300 people if they expected the iPad to become their primary computing device within the next two years. The results? Well, 47% said yes, 49% said no, and a whole 4% said that it already was. But regardless if tablet devices topple personal computers by 2014, one area where it’s already gained quite a bit of ground is email.

According to a recent report from email client software company Perion, tablets have already become the preferred device among iPad owners for reading and sending email. Of over 4,400 iPad users surveyed, 55% said they check their email more often from their tablets than PCs or Macs (only 10% said they prefer checking email from their mobile phones). The number only dropped to 48% when it came to iPad users who preferred sending emails from their tablets, which you might expect to be less since most people find keyboards more practical for writing emails.

                                                                   iPad for email

But that’s not all. The report also notes that a whopping 88% of respondents use the iPad for email activities on a daily basis. (In fact, 18% admitted to checking their email more than 10 times a day from their tablets.)

We’re talking about more than just Evites and personal email chains too. While 60% of those surveyed do use their iPads to check personal emails only, 38% admit to using the iPad for email that’s business-related as well. In a report on the study, eMarketer estimates that there will be over 65 million iPad users in the U.S. this year, a number that should reach 85 million by 2016. So… we are talking about a lot of iPads here.

The takeaway? Business content needs to be MOBILE-FRIENDLY

Numbers like these only serve as more incentive for businesses to optimize their content for mobile. How? Respected marketing writer John Jantsch recently offered some great tips for making your content more mobile-friendly, one of which involve the use of mobile video.

As we’ve covered many times on this blog before, online video presentations have become an increasingly effective way to engage with people via email for demand generation, customer communications and even informal training. Brainshark videos are mobile-ready, and recent updates to the Brainshark Mobile Player make the viewing experience even better.

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Image Credit: eMarketer