How a Great Online Recruiting Video can Help Attract Top Talent

How a Great Online Recruiting Video can Help Attract Top Talent
February 11, 2013

No matter what type of organization you work for – from B2B companies to higher ed institutions – finding new, talented people is critical to growth.

Many traditional recruiting techniques focus on learning about potential new applicants, but how easy is it for those same people learn more about your organization? This is where a well-done recruiting video can help make the difference.

In a post for Mashable, Spark Hire CEO Josh Tolan writes that any online recruiting video should be geared toward achieving two goals for companies:

1)   Speeding up the hiring process

2)   Finding great people

“The typical recruiting process is inefficient. This is the best explanation for why so many recruiters are turning to platforms like Facebook to Pinterest and beyond to source candidates,” Tolan explains. He later adds, “With the amount and portability of online video, recruiters have begun to look at the benefits of this technology.”

The growing popularity of online video in the U.S. is no secret. For example, comScore reported that over 85% of American internet users watched online video in September 2012 alone (check out this infographic for more cool stats like these).

So how can recruiters and the organizations they represent take advantage? One of the most popular trends is to post an online recruiting video to their websites.

Now, I’m not talking about creating a new video for every open position or internship you’re looking to fill (though if you choose to, more power to you!). An effective online recruiting video is designed to give applicants a glimpse at what it’s really like to work at your company or, in the case of higher ed institutions, attend classes at your campus.

For businesses and corporations, your recruiting videos should a) explain what your company is about, b) provide an inside look at what it’s like to work there, and c) offer stories and testimonials that promote why working there is a great idea.

Here are some more detailed tips to consider:

  • Your video should include testimonials from employees and staff members at different levels of the organization, with each giving first-hand accounts of what it’s like to work there. This will put a human face on the company so applicants can get a sense of who they’ll be working with and why it might be the right for them.

  • As mentioned above, these testimonials should provide insight into WHY employees work there as well. Ask subjects about the career paths and opportunities available. What kind of perks can they expect? What about other benefits? This will help put your business in a positive light, straight from the people who see it every day, and let applicants know what it’s truly like to be there.

  • You can also include shots of the office and people going about their day-to-day jobs, attending meetings or working on projects together. Again, this will provide an inside look at your company’s working environment.

  • You can also include details on your company’s products/services and customers, so applicants understand exactly what the business is about, reducing the need to ask questions down the line.

Recently, a fellow member of a LinkedIn video marketing group I belong to posted a recruiting video from VMware that I think does a great job of hitting all the points above, which you can see below. There are lots of great examples out there though, and this post on offers a handful of other cool recruiting videos that you can find on YouTube.

As you can see, the format is really simple, but it can also be very effective. Many of our customers already use Brainshark to create powerful client testimonials, and we do as well (for instance, here’s a great example of combining live video footage with Brainshark). As you can see, many of the same principles for creating a testimonial for marketing to your customers can be used to promote your organization to potential hires as well.

Once your video is complete, it can be hosted in the Brainshark cloud, posted to YouTube, embedded on your jobs or careers page, and shared via LinkedIn. If you make a good one, others may even share it for you, increasing the chances that the next great candidate will see it and, hopefully, decide to join your team.

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