Using SlideShark Team Edition to Increase Revenue

February 21, 2013 | Guest Contributor
Using SlideShark Team Edition to Increase Revenue

The article below was submitted by Mehgan Recker, Manager, e-Media Strategy and Development, Stagnito Media

Using SlideShark Team Edition to Increase RevenueStagnito Media is a B2B media company with a focus on the retail food industry. We own nine magazines and their associated websites, mobile websites, research and events, as well as directories and custom media divisions. A key element of my department’s goal is to increase revenue on our web and digital properties through advertising. Part of my role is to assist our sales team in understanding our digital products and how to sell more effectively.

In 2012, we made an investment in iPads for our 20-person sales team. We felt strongly that our sales team needed to be mobile and access presentations and data in an easy to use format. We chose iPads because they are the industry leader and are intuitive to use. They are equipped with 3G and 4G capabilities so our sales team can always be connected.  It proved to be the best solution for us.

Early on, we found that PowerPoints didn’t work on the iPad. We knew we wanted to stay on the iPad route but we wanted PowerPoints to look as good on the iPad as they do on laptops.

As part of this project, we did an audit of our sales force to see what presentations they were using in the field and found some remarkably out-of-date presentations were still in use. This proved that we needed a way to share the most up-to-date marketing presentations without running into version control issues whenever the content was refreshed. We also needed an easy way to put presentations that the sales team created on their laptops onto their iPads.

Being a Brainshark client, we looked into SlideShark and found that it solved all of these challenges.  When we load our PowerPoints into the SlideShark application on the iPad, the text, fonts and animations render properly and all the links work. The marketing department can upload the latest and greatest presentations for the sales team to instantly access at the touch of the screen. In addition, each sales person can upload their own presentations from their desktop or iPad into their own SlideShark account. SlideShark enables our sales team to take presentations on the go with them very easily and present PowerPoints on the iPad flawlessly.

Our sales team now considers the iPad and SlideShark to be invaluable to their selling process. It’s been an almost 180-degree turn from where we were.  With the iPad and Wi-Fi connections, they can access the web with all our digital products while SlideShark allows them to view and present PowerPoints. The results are clear -- our revenues have increased since we implemented iPads and SlideShark.

Beyond utilizing SlideShark for presenting, the sales team is enthusiastic about the presentation-sharing feature.  Our sales team presents a lot of industry data and our clients often request copies of the presentations. With the SlideShark “share” button, a presentation link is instantly sent to those who request it. As a bonus, SlideShark tracks who views the presentation so our reps have that information for better follow-up.

SlideShark allows us to share unified, consistent messages with our clients. It provides our sales team with a really accessible and easy to use product to deliver their message. Anything that can help them sell our products – and generate more revenue – is a huge benefit and SlideShark does just that.

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