5 Ways to Make Your myBrainshark Presentations More Engaging

5 Ways to Make Your myBrainshark Presentations More Engaging
January 22, 2013

It’s a new year; what better time to consider a new approach to your presentations?

Frequently, we are asked:

“How can I make my presentations more interactive or engaging?”

Fortunately with myBrainshark, PowerPoint-based presentations are just the beginning… With the array of features you have at your disposal, you can easily create award-winning content. And with Sharkie Awards season in full-swing there is no better time to start! Here are top-notch tools you can use to better your Brainsharks:


The best Brainsharks are those that give a thorough yet accessible overview of the topics. If you get too involved in the details, the audience may not adequately retain the important points or, worse, may end the presentation not completely understanding what they should have gotten out of it. Reduce the clutter and focus on key points by adding details and supplemental materials as attachments that viewers can download right from your presentation.  

Bonus sharktip: when incorporating attachments, make sure you call attention to the attachments tab so that viewers know when and how to access the extras.

Media Slides

Powerpoints are not the only kinds of slides you can use in your myBrainshark presentations. Make use of our other media options to increase the impact of your content:

Question slides

By adding question slides, you can build interactions right into your presentations. Turn your myBrainshark into a survey, gain valuable feedback from your viewers, or even create a poll. Ensure that your viewers aren’t just tuned in to your presentation, but that they’re taking part in it.

Video slides

Oftentimes, presentations incorporate still screen captures or static content when it could truly benefit from video demonstrations. Add video slides to your presentations to mix up your visuals and enable a deeper understanding of any processes you are showcasing. For example, why show a picture of a web page when you can demo how to navigate it? Break up PowerPoint slides with video testimonials or screen captures for a Shark that really makes a splash!

URL slides

Similarly, why mention websites when you can incorporate them right into your presentation? Sure, hyperlinks are supported and allow viewers to launch webpages outside of the presentation, but you can add a URL slide to enable viewers to interact with webpages right within the presentation window itself. Not only will the viewers then be much more inclined to interact with the webpage you are introducing or fill out your web form, but they won’t have to shift between multiple windows to return to the presentation itself.

Slide and Chapter titles

Often overlooked, slide and chapter titles can have a huge impact on viewing activity. Make sure your viewers know exactly where they are in the presentation and can easily navigate back to important parts by adequately labeling slides and creating easy-to-follow chapters.

“Pause after audio completes”

This option can be enabled when editing slide properties through Manage Slides. While it is on by default for some media slides (like URL or video slides), ensure viewers snap back in to important information by enabling this option when you want to force viewers to click play to advance to the next slide, re-engaging them with the content to follow.

Background audio

Last but not least, background audio can add extra oomph to your presentations. Especially on introduction and closing slides, question slides, and any sort of transition slides, background audio adds that something extra and can even help establish a tone or theme for your content.

Now that you know of the tools in your arsenal, you can create killer, multimedia myBrainshark content… And be sure to submit it to the Sharkie Awards for a chance at eternal Brainshark fame!

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