Myth: Producing Videos In-house Will Make Your Company Look Unprofessional

Myth: Producing Videos In-house Will Make Your Company Look Unprofessional
January 16, 2013
In November we hosted a very popular workshop titled “Taking the Intimidation Out of Creating In-House Video.”  Even though our attendees had little or no experience with video production, in 90 minutes they taped, edited and uploaded their own videos using equipment and software costing $3,000 or less.  In the process they found out how easy it is to get started and create in-house videos to help meet their business objectives.

Since video is inexpensive, fast to produce and ranks high on the impact scale, what’s holding marketers and trainers from creating more video content on their own?  I suspect that a major obstacle is the perception that business videos require high production values and professional actors, and therefore can only be produced by high-priced marketing agencies.  I’d like to take that perception and turn it on its head by looking at what some major agencies are doing in their current campaigns and TV commercials. 

Today’s audiences are sophisticated consumers of media, and most are turned off when marketers are overly manipulative with their messages. Agencies are responding by creating ads that have a more genuine, authentic and “real life” feel.  Their inspirations are often amateur videos posted on YouTube, and they’ll mimic the grainier, slightly shaky style of video that an amateur would produce. Then again, companies may simply incorporate YouTube videos into the commercials themselves. In another case, Harvard Pilgrim’s agency searched YouTube for videos that reinforced their “Count Us In” message and campaign:

These are enormous companies with astronomical marketing budgets.  Yet by using this content, they feel they are enhancing their reputations with their audiences, not risking it. 

So are full-service, high production-quality videos going the way of the horse buggy?  Absolutely not, but in many situations and campaigns, a video that you create in-house will be as effective, and in some cases more effective, than a high-budget video.

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