Do You Promote Your Marketing Content Internally?

Do You Promote Your Marketing Content Internally?
January 11, 2013

promote-marketing-content-internallyWhen my team finishes producing a brilliant whitepaper, video or infographic and posts it to the appropriate channels, do I consider the project completed and cross it off our list?  Not quite.  I still need to launch it to a critical audience: company employees

Here’s why that’s important:

  • The more your content is used internally, the higher the return on your time and effort.  Sharing it with your internal audience is no different than sharing it via social media, in that respect. 

  • By continuously sharing our content with internal teams, we expose them more often to our approved marketing messaging and positioning. That way, when our sales, services and other teams communicate with prospects, customers and other external audiences, there’s a much higher probability that they’re providing a consistent message on our value proposition and benefits. 

  • Sales reps seek to build relationships with prospects and customers, and marketing assets become a vital tool for this purpose. Reps appreciate both thought leadership and product-related content that will help them continue their conversations with their audiences.  By producing content that’s part of that conversation, you’re contributing more directly to your company’s revenue.

  • Sharing content within the organization also helps make our content even better. Our internal teams have unique perspectives and have provided valuable feedback on our current content, as well as creative ideas for new content.

  • Brainshark employees understand what our team does and how we help them because we share our content work with them.  Not only is it motivating to the content marketing team because they get credit and kudos for the great content they’re producing, but it also makes it easier to get help from subject matter experts across the company because they understand what we do within our organization.

Distributing content internally is not easy and there’s not a “one and done” approach that works well.  Here’s what we do:

  • We post a message to our enterprise social networking solution, Salesforce Chatter.  I make sure to include a link to the content and give credit to the content creators.  I also provide context on how and when it should be used, including the target audience for the content.

  • I don’t send emails announcing every new piece of content; I reserve that for the most important content assets.  Since I send emails to the company “all hands” list very infrequently, those that are sent get noticed.  To make the email message more memorable and stand out even more, I add graphics (i.e. screenshots or thumbnails) to the message as well.   

  • We use Salesforce Content as the repository for sales to view and access all content marketing pieces. I make sure to publish any new content there and tag and describe it in a way that makes it easy to find.  The most important content is labeled so that it appears front and center in the “Featured Content” section in Salesforce. 

  • About once or twice a year we’ll have a face-to-face meeting with the sales team to cover recent content initiatives. This gives us the opportunity to not only show off content assets and explain how they can be used, but also to lets the reps discuss how they use content to achieve results and gives them an opportunity to provide feedback.

  • As part of our new hire onboarding process, we provide a Brainshark presentation on what content is available and where it can be found.  We follow up with a classroom session to answer any questions and ensure that the new hires have retained the information.

Of course, there’s always room for improvement in this process.  What do you do to make sure your content is distributed internally at your company? Sound off in the comments below and share your story.

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