Sharkie Deadline Extended: Sharkie-fy Your Presentations and Submit by February 8th

Sharkie Deadline Extended: Sharkie-fy Your Presentations and Submit by February 8th
January 31, 2013

Want a chance at Sharkie fame but still fine-tuning your presentation? Great news! The deadline for Sharkie submissions has been extended to February 8th!sharkies submission deadline extended

To help make sure your content is up to Sharkie snuff, here is a sneak peak at some of the criteria we look for when putting your presentations through the Brainshark ringer.  


Did you effectively use the table of contents and chapter titles to guide viewing activity?

Tip: Make sure no slides are left untitled, and use chapter titles to segment content accordingly. Utilizing chapter titles can also help you create more specific and succinct slide titles.


Is the length of each slide appropriate for the content?

Tip: We usually recommend that each slide only cover one key point and last around 30 seconds in length to keep the presentation moving.

How is the audio quality?

Tip: Make sure one slide easily flows into the next by ensuring consistent volume, removing dead air or phone clicks from the slide audio, and using a USB microphone or landline telephone to record.


Were graphics and animations adequately utilized?

Tip: Even for longer slides, graphics and animations can ensure content stays engaging. Only utilize text when absolutely necessary, and balance out your voice with visuals whenever you can.

Use of Brainshark Features

Did the Brainshark incorporate…?


Tip: To ensure slides only cover most important elements, save the details for the Attachments tab (and make sure viewers know where to find it!).

Media Slides (e.g. video and URL slides)

Tip: Why talk about a process or webpage when you can include a screen capture demonstration of it right in the Brainshark presentation player?

Interactions (e.g. hyperlinks, question slides, or options like “pause after audio completes”)

Tip: Force viewers to physically engage with the presentation by including clickable content or forcing viewers to click “play” to continue on to key parts.

Player options

Tip: Add more personality to your presentations through use of the player options, author photo and bio, and background audio. Talk about setting a tone!

The most important thing to remember is that you use Brainshark functionality to maximize the impact of your content through the criteria mentioned above. Of course, extra points can be awarded if your presentation had particularly impressive ROI, placement (e.g. on websites) or a stand-out creative quality.

Whether it is Sharkies Awards season or not, keep these questions in mind to make sure you create award-winning content all year long!

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