Using Brainshark to Streamline Messaging^* Engage Viewers and Track Video Presentations

Using Brainshark to Streamline Messaging^* Engage Viewers and Track Video Presentations
January 18, 2013

The article below was submitted by Lauralee Roddy, Sales Liaison, Phillips 66

using brainshark in 2013As we kick off the New Year, it is natural to think back on the last.  At this time last year, we were just starting with the Brainshark tool in our organization.  Since that time, we have really seen a major growth in the utilization within the organization and views of our presentations.  There are many reasons why Brainshark has been such an effective tool for us, but let me just give 2013…

2 ways tracking helps us manage our communications better

0 differing messages that reach our customers

1 shot at a high impact message

3 ways that Brainshark provides flexibility to enhance our reach

2 Ways Tracking Helps us Better Manage our Communications:

  • First, tracking has allowed us to see how many of our internal stakeholders are viewing and watching the video presentations we create.  When we began with Brainshark, our goal was to build more compelling and consistent sales messaging than we had in the past.  To accomplish this, we needed buy-in from our reps which could only come with exposure to the presentations.  So we started tracking their views and reporting out the results in a competitive scorecard, which incentivized them to watch.  However, we did not stop there.  We then added the marketing organization to the scorecard.  What we found was not only did Marketing then have better understanding of the sales messaging to support the sales efforts, but it became a means of knowledge sharing and engagement throughout the organization. When we began we had anywhere from 15-30% watch rates internally, once we started utilizing the tracking and adding transparency to the viewership, those numbers are consistently in the 65-80% range for the sales teams and 90-95% range for Marketing.

  • Tracking also helped us gain valuable insight with our external audience, our customers.  We were able to see how much traction we were getting with presentations, how many people watched the full presentation, where they were stopping, etc.  We learned a lot and improved our communications using this tracking information.  At the beginning we had a lot of people who weren’t finishing the full presentation. We soon realized our initial presentations were too long and needed to be shortened.  Once we shortened them, we had better completion rates on the videos.  Additionally, we learned that many of our messages needed to go one layer deeper from our marketers or distributors to our dealers, however we didn’t have strong contact with email addresses at that level, so we began work to improve our ability to reach those groups more directly.  Better reach and communication is an area we want to continue to focus on in 2013, and with Brainshark, the data that we need to continue to improve is available to us. 

0 Differing Messages that Reach our Customers

A key selling point for us with Brainshark was our ability to standardize the messaging that our customers were hearing.  By having a tool that allowed us to flexibly and cost-effectively generate content in-house quickly, we were able to streamline the many varied messages our customers were getting from our different communications sources.  Especially as we rolled out promotions, there was always a lot of detail that was difficult to make the sales reps an expert on within a short timeframe.  With Brainshark, that is not an issue.  We have a standardized message that is consistently delivered to all audiences. That is a powerful thing for us in improving execution and the customer communication experience. 

1 Shot at a High-Impact Message

Our customers face a world of clutter in the media around them.  Many of our primary vehicles of communication with them are already chock full of other communications that ours must compete with for their attention.  Oftentimes, if you can even get a customer to open your email or click your link, you have only 1 shot to grab their attention and have them watch AND remember your message.  Brainshark enables us to create meaningful presentations that leverage the power of video, sound and motion to capture and hold the viewers’ attention .  Videos alone can do this but are costly and intensive to create.  Brainshark allows us to utilize video, sound and animation much more cost efficiently and without the resource intensive process of working with vendors to generate video content.  Also, Brainshark gives us the added advantage of interactivity. We ask questions, add hyperlinks, or pop in URL slide featuring a webpage we want our customer to explore.  This unique advantage of Brainshark over regular video, gives us the best chance to capitalize on our 1-shot opportunities to talk to our customers.

3 Ways that Brainshark Provides Flexibility to Enhance our Reach

  • As mentioned before Brainshark offers the flexibility of creating in-house content that can accomplish what expensive and time-consuming externally produced video can.  But that is just the beginning.  Brainshark provides flexibility with the content itself.  Since Brainshark presentations can be adjusted in real-time, without have to re-send a link, we have complete control throughout the process to adjust the message as needed.  If something changes with a promotion, if we find a type-o, or more profoundly, if we see that we are consistently loosing viewers at a certain point, we can make needed changes quickly, without disruption to the current viewing experience, and without having to re-send or refresh links.

  • Additionally, Brainshark gives us the flexibility to create content for different audiences.  Because it is easy to re-use slides and content within the Brainshark interface we are able to build presentations for different audiences easily.  Additionally, the personalization feature gives us a way of slightly adjusting content to make it more personal for a given customer or situation.

  • Brainshark also provides us with a wide variety of ways to share our content.  We are able to send out links to our reps via email or other messaging, we can post them to our customer website, and we can use QR codes to make the content available to reps or customers on their mobile devices.  We have recently put an increased emphasis on using QR codes as an easy way for reps to access presentations at their fingertips.  The QR codes, and ability to access the Brainshark content via video enabled mobile devices, is a major benefit for us since many of our intended viewers may not have ready access to internet or computers in their day to day work, but often have up-to-date mobile devices that they can readily access content on.  Additionally, we use the Brainshark connector for connector to reach contacts held in that system.  With all the options offered by Brainshark, we can meet both reps and customers varying needs without sacrificing on quality or consistency.

As you can see, Brainshark has truly allowed us to do more with our messaging than before.  In 2013, we will continue to explore the many features and tools to enhance our customer reach and message effectiveness.

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