5 Steps for Creating a Testimonial with Online Video

5 Steps for Creating a Testimonial with Online Video
January 15, 2013

Customer testimonials offer a great way to use unbiased sources to tell your story and generate interest in your products. However, text-based testimonials have a way of getting lost in the piles of paperwork that accumulate on desks every day. Using an online video presentation format for testimonials helps get your message across in a way that’s going to keep your audience’s attention.

But you don’t need a bunch of expensive equipment to make video testimonials a reality. For instance, Brainshark lets you turn the content you already have – PowerPoints, documents, PDFs, photos and more – into online video quickly and easily. To add audio, all you need is a phone or computer microphone, and you could have a polished video in no time.

Of course, knowing some basic best practices can help. Below are five tips for creating a quality video testimonial without ever having to pick up a video camera.

Step 1. Write a script. To make it as easy for your clients as possible, do all the heavy lifting for them. Get on the phone with your client and interview them on how they are using your product. From the interview, write a short script of about 350 words – which equals about a two-minute video. Just make sure your client is able to review and approve the script before moving on to the next step.

Step 2. Create a PowerPoint deck. Put the script in the PowerPoint notes section, one topic per slide. Within PowerPoint, match images to the script. To create interest, make sure to use plenty of animations. This will give your testimonial that desired “movie quality” once it’s turned into an online video.

Step 3. Upload to Brainshark. After you have approvals from your client, upload the PowerPoint to the Brainshark solution for on-demand video.

Step 4. Add audio narration. Once your slides are in Brainshark, have your client provide the audio narration so it’s told in their voice. You’ll automatically be notified through email when they are finished. To make it a cohesive piece, be sure match the animations to your client’s narration.

Step 5. Share and share alike. Once your video testimonial is completed, you’ll get more mileage by sharing it via all the relevant marketing channels.  You can post it on social media, embed it on your website and blog, and make it available to your sales team.

Check out this short presentation for more step-by-step instructions on how to use Brainshark video presentations to create an effective client testimonial. We’ve even included a ready-to-use PowerPoint template and sample interview questions so you can start your testimonial process today!

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