Using SlideShark Team Edition to Deliver Impressive Client Presentations

January 03, 2013 | Guest Contributor
Using SlideShark Team Edition to Deliver Impressive Client Presentations
The post below was submitted by Garrett Larivee, Vice President, McCall & Almy

McCall & Almy Uses SlideShark Team Edition on iPadsMcCall & Almy is an independent commercial real estate brokerage firm in Boston. My focus is on servicing the real estate needs of our existing clients as well as cultivating new clients in Boston and beyond. Our 17 person office typically represents companies in over 1.5 million square feet of transactions annually.

We are in the process of transitioning to iPads in order to deliver crisper and cleaner client presentations. We chose iPads because they are more nimble and sleeker than laptops and are leading the next wave of technology and presentation support

In the past, we would walk into a client meeting and need to bring a lot of “stuff” like power cords and connection cables. Inevitably, someone would have to crawl under the table to plug in the wires which wasn’t the best way to make an impression, particularly initially. Using iPads helped solve those issues –with instant on, and no need to connect to “guest wifi” but we needed a tool to be able to present PowerPoint slides easily.  Recreating our PowerPoint presentations to work on the iPad is inefficient and a complete waste of time and effort.

That’s where SlideShark came in. It has provided a way to present PowerPoints effortlessly from our iPads. The biggest challenge that SlideShark easily solved was the “too much stuff” issue. Instead of bringing a bunch of clunky cords and adapters, we are now walking into client meetings with one iPad. We’re presenting with the latest and greatest technology equipped with an app that is easy to use and very impactful.

An added benefit is the ability for our team to see and use all presentations that are loaded into our SlideShark account. This feature helps with version control and gives our SlideShark users access to the most updated presentations while on the go.

Recently, we had a meeting with a potential new client in the technology industry. We did not want to come across as “old school” brokers, especially in front of such a “cutting edge” organization. Presenting with SlideShark on the iPad allowed us to convey our message in a compelling way. The feedback from this client was very positive. They were impressed not just with what we presented but how we presented.

When we first started using iPads, we just kept talking about how there must be an app out there that would allow us to present PowerPoint. It turns out that in fact, there is – SlideShark. This app allows us to use something as sleek as the iPad while leveraging all of the content that we develop in PowerPoint. Plus, it helps us look modern and make a great impression on prospects and clients. 

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