What Types of Video Marketing Content Work Best for Pinterest?

What Types of Video Marketing Content Work Best for Pinterest?
January 30, 2013

Recently I wrote post about whether video marketing on Pinterest makes sense for B2B companies. While Pinterest can be a viable social media channel for B2Bs (particularly in regards to referral traffic), it’s clear that not all content is a great fit.

So then… what types of marketing content work best for Pinterest? While putting together the original post, I reached out to my colleague in content marketing Jamie Wallace (@suddenlyjamie) of Suddenly Marketing to get her thoughts on the value of Pinterest for B2B organizations.


Not only is Jamie a respected consultant and blogger, but she also knows a heck of a lot more about Pinterest marketing than I do! As she noted that using Pinterest for B2B marketing “might not be as a crazy as you think”, I thought her insights shed some interesting light on the types of content to focus on as well. Here is what she had to say:

“Pinterest's visual platform can be challenging for B2B companies, but it also provides a unique opportunity for those brands that ‘get it.’

If you want people to share your pins, you have to give them something worth sharing. The key fact to remember is that no one is sharing your pins out of an altruistic sense of good will. People share content for one reason: because of how that content reflects on them. They share content that helps them express who they are and helps them look smart, funny, connected, thoughtful, etc. People share content (including pins) for the same reasons they decorate the inside of their school lockers, hang art in their homes, and decorate their offices with postcards, funny sayings, and family photos. These things provide a visual representation of the person, her ideas, and her ideals.

So, what types of B2B content fit this bill? Hint: it's not beauty shots of your widgets or ads for your latest services. Think ‘bigger’ and ‘higher.’ What is the culture of your audience? What do they hold dear? Are they entrepreneurs who covet creativity and independence? Are they traditional corporate types who are interested in productivity and efficiency? How does your brand tie into these concepts? What content can you create that helps your followers tell their own story using your pins?

Pinterest is a great place to focus on the themes, philosophies, philanthropies, and culture of your brand. From simple quotes (visually presented) to infographics to humorous cartoons, the best pins aren't about the literal products. They are about the idea behind the product. They are about the community that the product serves and what's important to them. The B2B companies that understand this and are willing to think and execute creatively around these ideas will have no trouble finding success on Pinterest.

Well said! So with these points in mind, what types of video content should you post to your Pinterest profiles? Here are some ideas:

#1. Video infographics. As Jamie points out, well-designed infographics are a natural fit for a channel like Pinterest that puts a premium on visual storytellings. As we’ve written before, you can repurpose your traditional infographics into video content as well.

#2. Funny videos. Anyone who’s seen a commercial knows that humor is a common marketing tactic, and Video Marketing for Dummies co-author Bettina Hein cites it as one of the most valuable tools at your disposal. If your company has created a funny video that appeals to your target audience, Pinterest could be a great way to share it with more people.

#3. How-tos. As Jamie explains, “the best pins aren't about the literal products. They are about the idea behind the product.” At its very core, the purpose of any product or service is to help people do something. A great how-to video goes beyond the product to further educate current or potential customers on how to do X, Y and Z easier, faster and more effectively.

Those are just a couple of ideas for B2B video content that could be a good fit for marketing on Pinterest, but there are certainly more out there. What do you think? Have you had success with video content on Pinterest? Sound off in the comments below and share your story!

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