Brainshark Creative Services Improves Training at Catalina

Brainshark Creative Services Improves Training at Catalina
July 16, 2013

The article below was submitted by Ronald Schlosser, Senior Director of Sales Training, Catalina.

Brainshark Creative Services Improves Training at Catalina Catalina’s personalized digital media drives lift and loyalty for the world’s leading CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) retailers and brands. We personalize the shopper’s path to purchase through mobile, online and in-store networks powered by the largest database of shopper purchase history in the world. Catalina is one of the largest digital media companies in the world – second only to Google.

As Senior Director of Sales Training, it’s my responsibility to ensure that our sales force has the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful in today’s and tomorrow’s marketplace.

As we continue to evolve as a personalized digital media company, our need for sharing best practices and training across the organization is accelerating rapidly.

Many of our best practices are locked in the brains or hard drives of our top sales people. We tried having them post successful presentations to our portal but there was little discipline in sharing or viewing information. To train our sales force, we typically relied on traditional, in-person training. This involved subject matter experts travelling from office to office or bringing people to a centralized location which was expensive and time consuming and often resulted in inconsistent messaging.

We are now using Brainshark to share best practices. If someone has a really nice presentation or analysis that they’ve had great success with, we upload it to Brainshark and share it throughout the organization via a URL. One of the reasons that we like Brainshark for this use case is that it’s easy to use -- just about anyone who can use PowerPoint and the phone can create a Brainshark.

We also use Brainshark for on-demand video training to augment live sessions. We recently created five sales playbooks that were developed to address the five business objectives most often articulated by our clients. Each of the playbooks leverages our portfolio of products and world class consumer purchase behavior insights to address those objectives.

We worked with Brainshark’s Creative Services group to develop these high-quality training videos. Each video was created by reviewing our previous material and distilling it into easy to understand segments. We provided Brainshark with scripts and questions and they created interactive training videos using professional graphics and voice-over talent to achieve studio-quality recording. To check for understanding, we included interactive quiz questions.  When viewers answer the questions correctly, the system automatically emails them a certificate of completion.

Creating the playbooks in the on-demand video format is a major step forward in providing consistent training to all employees regardless of location. Brainshark playbooks allow us to deliver dense content with a space-saving URL. These training presentations also include attachments so reps can download files for immediate use and reference.

We are also able to make great use of the mobile and on-demand capabilities. Whether someone is sitting in an airport or on a train, they can view it en route to a client and it’s available to them 24/7. Also, Brainshark video presentations are “device agnostic.” Reps can interact with it and answer questions whether they are on their laptop, desktop, or using their iPhone.

With this new playbook format, we are saving valuable time in not only delivering on-demand instead of live training, but also in creating the content. Once it’s created in Brainshark, it’s easy to update as needed. Additionally, we are reducing the travel costs associated with in-person training. This format creates a similar experience to instructor-led, live training in an on-demand format at a fraction of the cost. 

As we continue to grow as a company and innovate with new products, training needs will continue to accelerate and evolve. On-demand video is going to continue to be an important part of a quality e-learning experience. These on-demand playbooks are the cornerstone of that training evolution.

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