Bring More Value to Sales Presentations with SlideShark Hyperlinks

July 26, 2013 | Sabrina Cote
Bring More Value to Sales Presentations with SlideShark Hyperlinks

bring-value-to-sales-conversations-with-slideshark-hyperlinksFor live conversations, sales reps need to deliver organized presentations that are tailored to the needs of their potential customers – sometimes even on the fly.  The foundation for a well-executed sales meeting is a reliable presenting tool and the right content to support the conversation. 

SlideShark gives reps the flexibility to deliver PowerPoint straight from their iPads, complete with fonts, colors, graphics, animations and, of course, hyperlinks. With the latter, reps can easily jump to other PowerPoint slides within the same deck and quickly access external webpages during live presentations. Users also have the ability to provide email links for direct access to their device’s email application. 

Let’s explore how each of these hyperlink options could benefit a sales rep as they’re presenting to a potential buyer.

Internal Links

PowerPoint enables you to hyperlink slide elements, such as images and text, so that a presenter can easily jump to other slides within the presentation.  With the addition of hyperlink support, these links will also work in SlideShark, enabling sales reps to easily jump to different slides on the fly, depending on where the conversation is going.

When building their slide deck, reps can insert hyperlinks at crucial junctures in their presentation that they can then use to pivot the conversation to align with the interests of their audience.  For instance, when discussing product offerings, the rep may discover that two of the solutions he had planned to highlight aren’t particularly relevant to the potential customer’s needs, but a more in-depth discussion of a third solution would bring more value. The rep can simply tap a hyperlink on their slide to skip to the section of the presentation that highlights the solution that is the best fit.    

External Links

Obviously, there are times when reps also need to draw on supporting materials outside of their slides during sales conversations.  SlideShark can help with this too. When creating slides for their presentation, reps can incorporate links to external websites, whitepapers, videos and more at any point in the presentation.

For instance, if a rep intends to discuss how their solutions have helped other companies in the same industry as the potential buyer, they can insert links to testimonial videos to lend authority to their presentation. Another great aspect of using hyperlinks in SlideShark is the easy navigation back to the presentation's slides so that the conversation can continue after viewing these external resources.  Just keep in mind that you will need an internet connection to link to external websites from your presentation, but PowerPoint content within SlideShark can be presented while offline.   

Links to Email Messages

Oftentimes, at the conclusion of a sales meeting, a prospect will request a copy of the slide deck.  No problem!  With SlideShark you can easily share a copy of your presentation directly from the SlideShark app. 

Since SlideShark supports hyperlinks to email messages, reps can simply add a final slide featuring their contact information with a clickable link to email them with additional questions.  This means that whether a viewer is accessing the presentation from a desktop computer or mobile device, they will have a simple means of communicating with the rep when the message is most fresh in their minds.

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